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f you're in search of a visionary example in the realm of professional education, Projector Institute is where the future unfolds. For 8 years now, this institution has been reshaping professional education, bringing innovation and enabling students to excel in a diverse range of digital careers – from Design to Data Science.

With a mission to attract forward-thinkers among individuals and organizations, Projector Institute proves that digital transformation brings a fresh approach to learning.

Having a growing student base and a wide range of courses, they needed an efficient learning management system to streamline their operations, ensure smooth course delivery, and enhance the overall learning experience.

Nonetheless, implementing innovation at this scale is not without its set of challenges. To deal with them, Projector Online Institute required a learning management system with the following attributes:

  • Robustness: Capable of supporting the rapid and repeated launch of extensive cohorts.
  • Security:  Safe of protecting learning materials from illegal distribution.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive for students, course creators & managers, ensuring Projector Online Institute maintains high customer satisfaction scores (8+).

We had the privilege of interviewing Anna Bakuma, Manager of Courses at Projector Institute, and Mira Myronova, Courses Care Team Lead, to explore how EducateMe LMS seamlessly fit into their innovative educational ecosystem.

Projector Academy Results Using EducateMe LMS For 9 Months
Projector Institute Results Using EducateMe LMS For 9 Months

Challenges The Projector Team Faced With

What prompted the Projector Online Institute team to transition to a new training system, and how did EducateMe LMS assist them in addressing these challenges effectively?

#1. Managing Homework Assignments

Challenge. Projector Tech Online Institute struggled to efficiently manage homework assignments without a systematic tracking and evaluation system. The manual process was time-consuming, led to issues in tracking assignment deadlines, and required extensive administrative effort. It was a challenge to provide timely feedback to students and ensure that their assignments were properly reviewed.

Solution. EducateMe LMS brought a more organized and automated system for handling homework assignments. 

Assignment management effect: With a unified assignment dashboard, flexible deadline management options, and progress tracking features, educators were able to efficiently assess assignments, offer feedback, and request revisions as needed. 

Learning experience effect: Students could submit their assignments and monitor their progress directly through the platform, eliminating the need for external applications. This not only saved time but also fostered a conducive learning environment akin to traditional methods.

Projector team quote about EducateMe LMS

#2. Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks

Drip Scheduling EducateMe LMS

Challenge. The administrative burden of course management, including scheduling classes and managing student progress, hindered the staff's ability to focus on more strategic tasks. They are concerned with improving course content, addressing urgent issues, and enhancing the learning experience.

Projector team quote about EducateMe LMS

Solution. EducateMe LMS automation optimized essential administrative processes. 

Course management effect: The system allowed Projector Institute to plan its courses for up to three months in advance with just a few clicks, reducing administrative time spent on scheduling and planning. 

Program management effect: Moreover, the platform offered flexibility, making it easy to make custom changes within programs and courses.

#3. Lack of Interaction and Engagement

Challenge. The lack of course interactivity was an obstacle to providing a holistic learning experience. Projector Institute aimed to foster interactive and engaging learning environments. However, their previous learning environment did not adequately support this goal, as students and educators had limited means of interaction and communication. 

Solution. EducateMe LMS provided Projector Online Institute with a more interactive and engaging learning environment. Although the institute intentionally utilizes Slack as the primary communication channel between students and instructors (to prepare students for corporate collaboration), the EducateMe platform made it much more convenient to submit assignments, monitor progress, and receive feedback. 

Student immersion effect: The interactive features encouraged students to participate more actively in their courses, improving their learning experience.

#4. Absence Of A Single Student Performance System

Analytics Tools EducateMe LMS

Challenge. Having no unified performance system prevented the Projector Institute from understanding student experience and linking it to business goals.

Solution. EducateMe LMS offered a single dashboard with essential performance and attendance data. In addition, it brought a “red flag” system, notifying the Projector Online Institute team of the students who underperform.

Impact on Satisfaction Measurement: The Projector Team used student data reports to develop the CSAT (or customer satisfaction) model and align it with business goals. 

Effect on Student Experience: With the EducateMe “red flag” system, the Projector team identified the students who had issues and could offer them support, improving the overall experience.

Projector team quote about EducateMe LMS

The Process

How Projector Institute Navigated The Challenges During The Early Stages Of The Conflict In Ukraine

Amid the initial chaos of the conflict in Ukraine, Projector Online Institute demonstrated incredible resilience. Mira from Projector Institute shared how their team swiftly resumed operations just two weeks after the war began. 

Projector team review on EducateMe LMS

90% of the students successfully completed the courses initially scheduled for February and March. In April, the institute resumed launching new cohorts. The team's determination, alongside the realization that many professions had become obsolete due to war reality, motivated people to explore new career paths. 

Notably, 65% of their incoming students now seek to change their professions. This story illustrates Projector Institute's adaptability and the profound impact of their response to the crisis.

First Meet With EducateMe Platform

Projector team review on EducateMe LMS

In its early days, Projector Online Institute used Notion as a primary tool for course management. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and structured approach, Mira advocated for an LMS to streamline the team's operations. After extensive research into various LMS options, what the Projector Institute team loved about EducateMe LMS was the personalized demo provided by Roman, the CEO of EducateMe.

Projector team review on EducateMe LMS

This dedication to customer care, coupled with the platform's feature-rich nature, convinced Mira and her team that EducateMe LMS was the right choice to enhance their educational process.

Transitioning the Team to a New Training Platform

Projector Online Institute's move to our learning platform represents a major milestone. As Anna mentioned, the preliminary response from instructors wasn't entirely enthusiastic, since learning something new often requires additional effort.

Projector team review on EducateMe LMS

Students also expressed their preference for the new system, emphasizing the advantage of having all their courses, knowledge base, and assignments in one place, making it significantly more user-friendly.

Projector team review on EducateMe LMS

Our platform's flexibility and adaptability are aspects we take pride in. They have played a crucial role in supporting Projector Institute's diverse educational endeavors.

Key Results

The best proof of how EducateMe LMS changed the game for Projector Online Institute is some tangible metrics. Here is how the implementation of EducateMe LMS at Projector Institute affected the operation:

25% Faster Course Launching

The LMS significantly improved the efficiency of administrative tasks, reducing 25%  the time spent on course scheduling and management. It allowed the staff to reallocate their time to more strategic tasks and enhance the quality of education.

8% Increase In Course Completion Rate

The adoption of EducateMe LMS has yielded an impressive 8% increase in course completion rates. This notable achievement demonstrates the platform's positive impact on student engagement and underscores its role in creating a conducive learning environment. The increase in completion rates highlights the collaborative efforts of the EducateMe and Projector teams in effectively supporting and motivating students on their educational journey.

Better Student Support

The comprehensive feedback and communication tools in EducateMe LMS enabled better support for students. Educators could address student concerns more effectively and provide personalized assistance based on each student's learning journey.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Students at Projector Online Institute reported a noticeable improvement in their learning experience. The platform's interactive features, automated assignment tracking, and efficient communication with educators made the learning process more engaging and fulfilling.

Increased Student Satisfaction

The enhanced learning experience and efficient management resulted in increased student satisfaction. Projector Institute received positive feedback from both students and educators, acknowledging the positive impact of EducateMe LMS on the overall education process.

Final Thought

We are proud that Projector Institute's transition to the EducateMe platform has yielded remarkable results. They've begun to launch courses 25% faster, achieved an 8% increase in course completion rates, and provided better student support.

With an enhanced learning experience and increased student satisfaction, EducateMe LMS has proven to be the ideal solution for their diverse educational initiatives.

If you're looking for LMS in professional education, consider trying EducateMe to streamline your operations and offer an exceptional learning experience to your students. Join Projector Online Institute in shaping the future of education.

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