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nline education offers many services, but for companies diving into virtual training, the ultimate puzzle is choosing the right platform and setting the course on the right path. That's where our expertise comes in — we've curated a list of 10 top-notch online course creation software, each with unique strengths.

Building a robust online course demands a powerhouse LMS system — a toolkit for course creation, student-teacher management, and the ability to gauge learning outcomes. These platforms vary in their strengths. Online academies crave the power to sell courses and construct automated pipelines, while corporate training thrives on deadline management and training effectiveness tracking.

So, let's dive into the world of leading tools to create online courses. It's about finding that perfect fit to sculpt your ideal educational journey.

The Rundown:

  1. EducateMe — Best Easy To Use Course Creation Software
  2. Mighty Networks — Best Solution With Community Development Features
  3. Teachable — Best Solution For Course Creation Beginners
  4. Thinkific — Best Tool With a Range of Marketing Opportunities
  5. LearnWorlds — Best Self-Paced Course Creation Platforms
  6. Kajabi — Best All-in-One Course Creation Platform
  7. Maven Learning — Best Course Creation Software for Single Creators
  8. Moodle — Best Budget-Friendly Course Creation Software
  9. Adobe Captivate — Best Interactive Course Creation Tool
  10. 360Learning — Best For Skills Development

#1. EducateMe — Best Easy-To-Use Course Creation Software

Looking for an effortless course creation experience without the complexities of sales funnels and marketing tools? Enter EducateMe, the epitome of simplicity and effectiveness in crafting advanced courses hassle-free.

EducateMe stands out as a remarkably flexible course creation software, emphasizing engagement and streamlined activity management. It's the go-to choice for those seeking a smart, practical approach centered around communication and insights.

Compared to other platforms, EducateMe boasts an incredibly intuitive course builder. This tool enables the creation of programs by incorporating Webinar or Lesson blocks, facilitating the upload of diverse content, embedding links or apps, and crafting a range of assignments. 

EducateMe offers 3 course creation methods:

  1. Manual Creation: Customize course elements like title, duration, modules, activities, and assignments for precise configuration.
  2. AI-Powered Generation: Describe the concept, and AI assists in generating the course syllabus, streamlining the process.
  3. Template-Based Creation: Start with suggested templates and later tailor and modify them to suit your specific requirements.

Furthermore, the recent introduction of a course duplication feature on the platform automates modifications across all duplicated materials, streamlining interactive program implementation and reducing manual effort, ultimately saving time. 


  • Free trial — available for 14 days;
  • Starter Plan — $2.5 per learner, with unlimited courses & learning activities, white-labeling & automated engagement tools;
  • Enterprise Plan — custom price, with personalized improvements for your needs, custom AI integration, API integration, and more.
💡The company experiences rapid growth, consistently rolls out product updates, and promptly responds to client needs. As evidence, EducateMe doubled its learner base from 10,000 to 20,000 within just four months.

#2. Mighty Networks — Best Course Creator Software With Community Development Features

Mighty Networks — Best Course Creator Software With Community Development Features

Mighty Networks stands out as software for creating online courses tailored explicitly for community-based learning experiences. It allows you to craft captivating interactive polls, offering diverse formats like questions, multiple choice, hot-cold, and percentage. Moreover, it supports live sessions and the upload of images, videos, and GIFs.

This course building software encourages active cooperation and collaboration among learners. Interactive messaging features enable discussions, polls, and feedback, enhancing student participation and motivation in the learning process.

Additionally, it offers the unique feature of mobile app creation, adding further accessibility for learners.


  • 14-day Free Trial Two-week free trial;
  • Community Plan Priced at $39 per month, this plan includes chat and messaging functionalities;
  • Business Plan At $119 per month, unlock online course creation, integrations, and analytics tools;
  • Mighty Pro Plan For advanced features like a mobile app and enhanced branding options, contact our sales team to discuss and order the Mighty Pro Plan.
💡 However, while offering an engaging user experience and visually appealing design, Mighty Networks leans more towards fostering engagement than meticulous organization. It could improve in terms of reporting and management features.

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#3. Teachable — Best Course Builder Software For Course Creation Beginners

Teachable — Best Course Builder Software For Course Creation Beginners

Teachable serves as an excellent starting point for beginners, celebrated for its adaptability and user-friendly content builder. Renowned for its comprehensive course-building features, Teachable allows creators to curate diverse programs efficiently.

With a primary focus on course creation, Teachable enables bundling and selling bundles and digital downloads. Its intuitive course editor seamlessly integrates various content types like audio, PDFs, videos, quizzes, and media files. Notably, the AI-powered editor enhances the efficiency of curriculum development.


  • Free Plan Basic features at no cost;
  • Basic Plan $59/month, 5% transaction fee, 5 products;
  • Pro Plan $159/month, no transaction fees, 50 products, advanced features;
  • Pro+ Plan $249/month, expanded capacity, full access to advanced features.
💡However, Teachable lacks built-in community features, offers limited branding options, and entails higher fees under specific plans (Pro Plan).

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#4. Thinkific — Best Course Creator Software With a Range of Marketing Opportunities

Thinkific — Best Course Creator Software With a Range of Marketing Opportunities

Thinkific stands as a versatile software to create online courses, offering decentmarketing opportunities within its learning solution for course creation and sales. It provides a cost-effective avenue for creators, emphasizing its excellent course-building capabilities, webpage tools, and added tax support.

Primarily centered on course creation, Thinkific also includes community features and diverse content integration options. Through its community feature, users can engage via posts and event organization, enhancing the learning environment. Moreover, it allows seamless inclusion of videos, links, and quizzes, ensuring an immersive learning journey.


  • Free Plan  Free to use, ideal for starters;
  • Basic Plan — $34/month, includes unlimited courses, 1 community, and 5 spaces;
  • Start Plan — $74/month, offers 1 community, 10 spaces, and assignment capabilities;
  • Grow Plan Priced at $149/month, it grants access to 3 communities, 20 spaces each, and advanced customization features.
💡However, some users find the design and user interface slightly outdated. Additionally, there's room for improvement in engagement tools and student tracking, which are more limited in their current offerings. Access to certain advanced options is confined to higher-tier plans.

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#5. LearnWorlds — Best Self-Paced Course Creation Platforms

LearnWorlds — Best Self-Paced Course Creation Platforms

LearnWorlds emerges as one of the robust self-paced online course creation tools, offering diverse content options and strong sales and marketing functionalities.

Setting itself apart with a wide array of content formats and robust reporting tools, LearnWorlds rivals some best software for creating online courses. It mirrors the marketing and sales support akin to top-tier alternatives, allowing website creation with blogging capabilities and offering course accessibility via an app.

With a focus on interactive content and assignments, this course builder software enriches the learning experience, facilitating better engagement for students. Additionally, instructors can facilitate community discussions, conduct exams, and issue course completion certificates.


  • Starter — $24/month, plus $5 per course sale;
  • Pro Trainer — $79/month, no transaction fees;
  • Learning Center — $249/month, no transaction fees;
  • High Volume & Corporate custom price.
💡However, the platform's multifaceted approach towards content variety might introduce some complexity. The outdated design could pose challenges in operation due to its complexity and lack of user-friendliness.

#6.  Kajabi — Best All-in-One Course Creation Platform

 Kajabi — Best All-in-One Course Creation Platform

Recognized as a leading all-in-one course building software, Kajabi excels in catering to creators across various domains.

Kajabi offers a comprehensive suite of crafting and selling courses alongside a range of digital products online. With robust marketing and sales features, extensive integrations, and adaptable content builders, it's a go-to choice for diverse creator needs.

Remarkably, Kajabi extends support for mobile app creation, elevating the learning experience. It enables the development of multiple digital products, including podcasts, setting it apart from other platforms. Additionally, it facilitates coupons, promos, affiliate programs, and email marketing for effective selling.


  • Basic Plan  — $149/month, includes up to 3 products and funnels, accommodating 1000 active customers;
  • Growth Plan — $199/month, extends to 15 products and funnels, catering to 10,000 active customers;
  • Pro Plan — $399/month, offers up to 100 products and funnels, supporting 20,000 active customers.
💡However, Kajabi, though an all-in-one solution, doesn't excel in every aspect. Users have pointed out limitations in Kajabi's reporting and management tools, and despite higher pricing options, its engagement tools could seem somewhat restricted.

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#7. Maven Learning — Best Online Course Creation Software for Single Creators

Maven Learning — Best Online Course Creation Software for Single Creators

Maven Learning stands as one of the leading online course creation tools for single creators seeking an all-in-one course creation platform. Led by experts, Maven Learning provides user-friendly tools for creating online courses along with a marketplace for effective course promotion.

Maven Learning business model revolves around influencer marketing, online learning, and networking, fostering credibility and extending reach within its ecosystem.

While Maven Learning pricing might lack transparency, it offers robust support and flexible collaboration options with students. This makes it an ideal choice for individual creators, allowing them to focus on course creation while minimizing concerns about promotion strategies.

Pricing: 10% of the student's payment, exclusive of taxes and any supplementary expenses.

💡However, success often hinges on being an influencer with a substantial audience. Also, there's a clear need for deeper integration with other tools to enhance functionality and expand capabilities.

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#8. Moodle — Best Budget-Friendly Software to Create Online Training Courses 

Moodle — Best Budget-Friendly Software to Create Online Training Courses 

Moodle is course creator software that emerged in 2001 as a web-based system that is available for public access, downloadable from the official website, and installable on personal computers. This tool supports over 120 languages and accommodates all modern formats.

Regarding training content, Moodle offers a a variety of tools to create online courses, allowing uploads of various content types: text, including PDFs and XLS files, images, and presentations via dedicated plugins, tests, and complete courses. 

Moodle's adaptability extends to mobile learning, accessible through mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets. Reporting capabilities are broad, although a plugin is required for comprehensive reporting functionalities.


  • Starting from $120/year for 50 users with 250 MB storage;
  • Scaling up to $1,710/year for 1,000 users with 5 GB storage;
  • A Customizable Plan is available, providing extended capabilities to suit specific needs.
💡 However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the implementation and configuration of the system demand an in-house developer, otherwise it is budget-friendly. This process can be time-consuming due to its technical nature, requiring dedicated expertise for effective execution.

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#9. Adobe Captivate — Best Interactive Course Creation Tool

Adobe Captivate is intelligent software to create online courses designed for crafting fully responsive e-learning content effortlessly, eliminating the need for programming.

You can create futuristic learning experiences easily, utilizing virtual reality and 360° media assets for immersive course design. Adobe Captivate also enhances video-based learning by seamlessly integrating interactivity into self-recorded or YouTube-sourced videos, boosting learner engagement.

Another advantage is the opportunity to swiftly craft mobile-ready courses using Quick Start projects, pre-designed slides, and interactive elements.


  • For Individuals — $33.99/month;
  • For Teams and Enterprises To find out the price, you'll need to get in touch with the Adobe sales team.
💡 However, it could be extremely difficult to find a point of contact within Adobe in case you are struggling with this software. Also,, you need to know that it's not an easy tool, it could take months to master it and get to use the variety of features that it provides you with.

#10. 360Learning — Best Course Creation Software For Skills Development

360Learning excels as a comprehensive software to create online training courses for skills development, blending online and offline training techniques. This approach empowers to curate engaging and dynamic learning experiences. Renowned for its robust features, interactive content creation, and analytics, 360Learning emerges as a top-notch choice for individuals seeking versatile and impactful online course creator software for skill development.

The platform offers an authoring tool feature, allowing users to craft personalized courses that enhance the learning journey. With options like pre-designed templates, cheat sheets, and video recordings, 360Learning fosters tailored learning experiences.

Diverse knowledge check options include true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, video evaluation, and more, ensuring comprehensive assessments of learners' understanding.


  • Free Trial  —  30 days;
  • Team Plan — $8/registered user per month (up to 100 users);
  • Business Plan custom price.
💡However, its customization options might not be as extensive, resulting in limitations in altering the user interface. Additionally, while the website offers live chat support, it might not be the most robust system, and getting assistance through the contact form could sometimes pose challenges in reaching someone for help.

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What To Choose?

As you've likely gathered, there's a multitude of options of course creation software out there, so it's crucial to pinpoint what you're specifically seeking and the goals you aim to achieve.

Either way, we trust that this Top List has been helpful, and who knows, maybe you're feeling the urge to swiftly sign up on the EducateMe platform:) Just kidding! The decision is entirely yours 😉

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