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Frequently asked questions

Who is an active learner?

A learner is active if they perform an action on the platform.
A learner is counted active for 30 days from their latest action.
Also, the learner's cohort must be in active status

Is there a minimal commitment per month?

Yes, there is a minimum commitment per month that equals 50$ with a 20 active learners limit.

How & when I will be charged?

We charge 50$ at the beginning of your payment cycle. If you have more than 50 active learners during a month, we will charge an additional 2.50$ each and include it in the next month's invoice.
For example, during a month customer "SomeAcademy" has 100 active learners, the next invoice will be 50$ (minimal commitment) + 80 active learners as an overcharge * 2.50$. The total will be 250$

How my payments are secured & can I make a refund?

We are using Stripe for billing our customers.
There is an ability to make a refund within 30 days

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