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Platform for cohort-based courses

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You have to hire additional employees to manage your learners
You have to duplicate the same information for every participant and to watch the access
Preparing & onboarding new learners takes so much time because you need to repeat the same actions for each
You are using multiple products, but they are not connected to each other

Take your learning materials to the next level with the learning management system

the process of live sessions using familiar tools

Turn your learners’ activity into analytics
charts and
measure progress

Follow your learnes’ assignments progress using a Kanban-based solution

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How EducateMe handle your meetings?

Zoom integration

Integrate your zoom account with EducateMe account

Jitsi embed (Web version)

No downloads are required
Session recordings automatically being saved in Files Library and connected to the lesson materials
The platform is tracking how much time each participant spent in the meeting. It allows the creation of attendance reports
Reminders and feedback emails are sent automatically to all meeting participants at the appropriate time

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