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Know these issues?

You have to hire additional employees to manage your learning groups
You have to use tons of services to build a collaborative learning infrastructure
Preparing & onboarding new groups takes so much time because you need to repeat the same actions for each
You are using multiple products, but they are not connected to each other

We have a solution

Build collaborative training with the collaborative LMS

the process of collaborative live sessions using familiar tools

Turn your learners’ activity into analytics
charts and measure progress

Interact with collaborative
using a
Kanban-based solution

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What are collaborative learning advantages?

Develops critical thinking skills
Community-led approach increases the engagement of learners
Collaborative learning model provides high skills improvement
High price points and margins

How EducateMe helps to create collaborative training?

The collaborative study requires live sessions with learners. EducateMe supports two way of running live sessions:

Zoom integration

Integrate your zoom account with EducateMe account

Jitsi embed (Web version)

No downloads are required
Session recordings automatically being saved in Files Library and connected to the lesson and learning materials
The platform is tracking how much time each participant spent in the session. It allows the creation of learners reports and groups general analytics
Reminders and feedback emails are sent automatically to all meeting participants at the appropriate time

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Individual creators

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