You made the right choice.

Because this is the most important page, we're going to tell you why EducateMe exists in the first place.

It's emotional for us since it is based on a true story.

We don't have a simple answer: such as "to inspire change," "to empower people," "to lead revolution," and stuff like that.


So, what is the story?

It started with a young man who, like many others, entered a university with hope.

With the hope for a better future, a good job, and a good life.

Unfortunately, he realized within a few short months that none of this was going to happen. Not with the current educational system, anyway.




Well, it forced him to look for alternatives.

First, he went for self-education but it wasn’t efficient enough. And he was let down once more.

Then, as is usually the case, the mystery of life presents an opportunity. A modern academy with a three-month course.

Too good to be true!

Anyway, he tried, and this time he got it right: a good job, a window into a better future, and a better life in just three months.

He left the university immediately.

The question still remains,

“Why it happens that many others waste much more time to get the worst results in the end?”


It just doesn't feel right.

The education system should change.

That young man founded EducateMe a few years later.

And that’s what we do.

With you.

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