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s online education continues to evolve, educators must stay ahead of trends to ensure their online academy infrastructure is up-to-date with technology. One popular platform that has stood out over the years for promoting eLearning communities is Mighty Networks.

However, there are now numerous alternatives available on the market. Can any other alternative offer users something better? In this blog post, we'll take an insightful look at the 15 best platforms to build an online community that will meet your needs in 2024.

We’ve made good comparisons between each of the 15 Mighty Networks competitors based on information gathered through extensive research and analysis. You’ll get all the details required to make an informed decision about the right platform to move your eLearning company far ahead of competitors.

For a quick peruse, here are the 15 alternatives to Mighty Networks for community-based learning:

  1. EducateMe: Best Mighty Network alternative that also offers cohort-based learning capabilities.
  2. Circle: For brands, startups, and coaching communities.
  3. BetterMode: For businesses and academies.
  4. Thinkific: Best alternative with marketplace capabilities and membership monetization.
  5. Hivebrite: Great alternative for corporate alumni, professional networks, and nonprofit organizations.
  6. Best alternative with the opportunity to create mobile app.
  7. Kajabi: Best alternative with marketing automation tools.
  8. Podia: Good platform to sell digital products and build your website.
  9. BuddyPress: Best alternative for building community websites using WordPress.
  10. LearnWorlds: Best alternative for creating and selling online courses. 
  11. Patreon: Great alternative for content creators, gamers, and musicians. 
  12. Toucan Tech: For mentoring, fundraising, and marketing. 
  13. Uscreen: Best alternative with video CMS and monetization functionality.
  14. Discord: For school clubs, tech communities, and crypto organizations.
  15. Discipleship: Best alternative for nurturing Christian-based communities

Now, let’s take you on a thrilling journey of discovery!

What is Mighty Network?

Mighty Networks is a web-based platform that allows businesses and individuals to create their own online communities. It enables users to customize branding, host events, monetize their work, and provide access control.

Mighty Networks lets “creators” build full-featured digital homes for communities of any size or type. Mighty community members can engage in conversation around various topics of interest. As well as fostering community conversations, Mighty Network provides valuable insights about user behavior and engagement through analytics tools built into the platform.

The platform offers a powerful solution to create a personalized digital member experience. It combines features like private messaging, live events, eCommerce options (including subscriptions) with control over the content within the platform or integrated from other sources like Zoom video conferencing or Mailchimp newsletters.

The user has a “form follows function” setup; each feature is designed per user input. Every component of a community on Mighty Networks can be tweaked quickly and easily without ever having to leave the platform for any external services.

What Makes Mighty Networks Unique?

  • Mighty Networks offers a range of unique features and services which include:
  • Flexible Spaces that allow you to toggle in and out of multiple native features.
  • A powerful feed that pulls in articles, polls, questions, events, and more.
  • The capability to create unique online courses and course communities on the same platform.
  • Native live-streaming for events, Zoom integration, or in-person gatherings.
  • Ability to upload native video across your main Mighty Network, courses, memberships, events, and discussion groups.
  • A true community culture with articles, videos, and chats.
  • Ability to bundle online courses and memberships into one-time or subscription purchases.

Mighty Network Pricing and Plans

Mighty Networks offers 2 main pricing plans — the Community plan and the Business plan. So let’s take a closer look at pricing models and also discover how much does Mighty Pro cost.

  • The Community Plan is the most budget-friendly and costs $33 per month when paid annually or $39 per month when paid monthly.
  • The Business plan is the most popular and costs $99 per month when paid annually or $119 per month when paid monthly.
  • The Mighty Pro pricing plan is tailored for larger brands and requires users to contact Mighty Networks for pricing information.

All Mighty Networks pricing plans offer a free trial and the ability to access the platform on the web, iOS, and Android apps.  With the Community plan, users can create a growing community, access group messaging and direct messaging, host live events with 50 viewers, upload, write articles, and more.

The most popular plan offers all the features of the Community plan, plus 20 hours of live streaming with 200 viewers, tools to create unlimited courses, and insights into your audience. The Mighty Pro plan offers custom solutions and strategy services to help users level up their community atmosphere.

Why Implement Mighty Network Alternatives?

That Mighty Network is a powerful online course platform is undeniable, but why do people go for its alternatives? Many users have criticized Mighty Networks for showing little or no support regarding course development and customization options. Now let’s explore the top six reasons why people find alternative community platforms to Mighty Network.

1. Specialized community tools and customized options

Mighty Networks offers a wide array of features, but they may not be tailored to the individual needs of a particular user or group. As an alternative, people can choose other platforms that provide custom features and specialized capabilities based on their specific usage requirements.

2. To control content-creation processes

Many Mighty Network alternatives allow users to take back control of content-creation processes to curate their own unique version of the network without relying on the templates provided by Mighty Networks themselves.

3. Limited Integration

Mighty Network offers limited integration with external tools and services. If an organization is looking for more robust integration features across multiple platforms, it should consider alternative options.

4. Improved scalability and reliability

While Mighty Network's core features remain consistent regardless of its user base size, anyone expecting significant growth might find themselves hitting platform limits quite steeply. Many newer competitors offer far more scalability potential along with frequently updated support systems for stability reasons. This factor may easily determine the platform a customer would show loyalty.             

5. Ease of Use

Some users may not get the most out of Mighty Networks because it proved difficult for them to learn how to use all its features and capabilities. This will make them go for alternative platforms they consider simpler and more user-friendly.   

6. Desire to explore innovative technologies

The modern age consistently pushes technological boundaries into exciting new horizons. Readily accessible innovative solutions are regularly offered by some newer platforms. You simply wouldn't grow when confined solely within the same infrastructure for a long time. Organizations who want to have thriving communities often seek alternative solutions to Mighty Networks to explore innovative technologies that can help propel their business forward.

Best Mighty Networks Alternatives for Building Learning Communities

People who are looking to build an online academy infrastructure and create more meaningful digital communities usually consider other attractive solutions than Mighty Networks. There are many great options that can provide similar to Mighty Networks or better features and capabilities.

Each of these platforms has its own particular focus and potential pros/cons depending on how you plan to use it, so understanding your needs before deciding which route is best for any given situation is key. The best Mighty Networks alternative for you is that platform that meets almost all your needs. Let’s compare 15 Mighty Networks competitors one after the other.

#1. EducateMe - Best Mighty Network Alternative

EducateMe is one of the best Mighty Network alternatives. Both platforms provide similar services, allowing users to create online courses and host communities. The great difference is that EducateMe offers an extensive package of features that allow for greater customization than Mighty Network does.

EducateMe is all-in-one platform allows users to combine different modules, such as community components and cohort-based courses. The platform gives users full learning support to help them achieve success in their online learning journey.

EducateMe does a great job managing training courses through the platform’s unique analytics feature to keep track of the performance level registered by each course. Other key features of EducateMe include:

  • Integration with many external tools
  • Auto upload meet recording
  • In-app notifications
  • Kanban-based solution for learners’ assessment
  • Peer to peer review
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#2. Circle Vs Mighty Networks Compared

Circle Vs Mighty Networks Compared

Circle is best platform to build online community for creators and brands to collaboratively build, grow, and engage with the goal of providing engaging experiences for community members. It enables users to share multimedia content in images, text posts, and videos and collaborate on projects with tasks assigned among stakeholders within a team.

Mighty Networks vs Circle are both effective tools to facilitate community building, but some key features of Circle make it the more suitable option for your business needs. alternative offers a simpler interface and set up process and is more cost-effective than Mighty community platform. If you're seeking an efficient and user- friendly platform to aid in building a vibrant online community, Circle is a preferable choice to Mighty Networks.

#3. Mighty Networks vs Tribe (Now: BetterMode) Comparison

BetterMode is an online community platform for facilitating remote conversations with members of a global tribe around topics, interests, and lifestyles. It offers users tools such as forums, video or audio chats, and customizable news feeds to help them connect over meaningful activities offline.

The goal of BetterMode platform is to allow people from all walks of life to share experiences to forge meaningful connections regardless of physical distance or background. It is a place to meet and engage in thoughtful discussion, explore interests ranging from hobbies or travel ideas, and build relationships with like-minded community builders.

Comparing Mighty Network vs BetterMode, the first tool provides a decent experience for users, but BetterMode surpasses that by providing top-notch discussion boards and polls. What's even better is an exceptional feature known as “tribes” exclusively found on the BetterMode platform.

#4. Thinkific and Mighty Networks Comparison

Thinkific and Mighty Networks Comparison

Thinkific is a cloud-based platform that enables anyone to create and sell online courses from their own website. With Thinkific, users can leverage features such as automated email sequences, payment gateway integration, custom domains and themes, quiz-building tools, and analytics data. The goal of the tool is to help instructors build successful course businesses without any prior technology skills or knowledge required.

Thinkific offers extensive support and multiple avenues for engagement that make it a great choice when compared to Mighty community platform. Its emphasis on providing users with an online classroom platform makes it ideal if you're looking to branch out from traditional education/coaching paths. Conversely, Mighty Network is more geared towards coaches and educators, so it may not be best suited for learners.

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#5. Hivebrite Alternative to Mighty Networks 

Hivebrite alternative is an all-in-one engagement and online community platform that allows companies, associations, and organizations to easily build online communities. This cloud-based software provides membership solutions tailored for different types of clubs or groups, from alumni networks to professional organization memberships.

It has many features designed specifically around managing content via discussion boards/forums and automated private message service.

Hivebrite provides a more comprehensive set of analytics tools in comparison to Mighty Networks. Organizations can leverage their analytical solutions to gain a deeper understanding of their respective communities' activities. Hivebrite also has an extensive suite of features including event management, payment processing, surveys, forums, and other functions that give organizations more flexibility in running their communities smoothly.

#6. Mighty Networks vs Kajabi Comparison

Mighty Networks vs Kajabi Comparison

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for selling courses, coaching services, and digital products. It helps entrepreneurs launch their own membership site from which customers can purchase access to content such as videos, audio recordings, and text documents related to the product or service being offered. Kajabi also stores customer data so that it remains organized in one place, making administrative tasks easier while creating a more optimized purchasing experience for buyers.

Comparing Mighty Networks vs Kajabi offers a superior, intuitive user interface with a larger library of templates and themes that offer unparalleled customization choices. More powerful analytics to give users deeper insights into their course content membership base. Kajabi's established marketplace gives course creators extended outreach capabilities while providing unique access to potential customers who may not have found them otherwise.

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#7. Podia and Mighty Networks Comparison

Podia is an all-in-one digital commerce platform that provides businesses of any size and budget the ability to quickly create a powerful online presence and start selling their products, services, or memberships without needing specialized knowledge. Podia includes everything you require, such as hosting and security, email marketing tools, checkout forms, and more, so your business can launch faster than ever.

Podia is great for product monetization — better than Mighty Networks. Plus, you can accept multiple currencies, and there are lots of pricing options available. The platform also offers top-notch support and unlimited hosting with no transaction fees on paid plans.

#8. vs Mighty Networks Comparison stands out as a robust platform tailored for creators aiming to build their branded mobile apps for coaching, course delivery, and community engagement. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools allowing coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs to craft their mobile apps, enabling them to curate and sell their content directly to their audience.

In comparison to Mighty Networks, offers a distinctive edge by focusing on mobile app creation, emphasizing a personalized experience for users accessing content, courses, and coaching services. With its intuitive app-building interface, creators can design and launch their unique mobile platforms, granting customers seamless access to a curated learning and coaching environment.'s emphasis on mobile app development offers a differentiating factor from other community-building platforms like Mighty Networks. By centering on app-based interactions, creators can offer a more immersive and tailored experience, enhancing engagement and user retention.

Moreover, equips creators with tools for monetization, allowing them to sell their expertise through subscription models or one-time purchases within their mobile apps. This approach extends outreach and revenue opportunities while providing a distinct avenue for creators to engage with their audience.

#9. Buddypress and Mighty Networks Compared

BuddyPress is one of the free alternatives to Mighty Networks. It is an open-source social networking software package. It is built on WordPress, which makes it easier for users to create their online community, similar to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. In addition to its core features like user profiles, activity streams, messaging, and commenting, BuddyPress allows users to extend their site by creating custom member groups and forums.

Compared to Mighty Network, BuddyPress alternative is more user-friendly with many rich community engagement features, and you can extend its functionalities extensively by adding several third-party plugins. The functionalities of Mighty Network are limited in many aspects.

#10. LearnWorlds and Mighty Networks Compared

LearnWorlds is one of Mighty Network competitors that allows instructors and learners to connect to deliver lectures, quizzes, discussions, and assessments online. This virtual learning solution gives students access to a wide variety of educational content through engaging video lessons taught by expert instructors remotely.

LearnWorlds outshines Mighty community platform with rich features, such as customizable courses and themes, content protection, quizzes, and an inbuilt payment system.  The platform also offers easily accessible customer support through telephone, web-based messaging, and a knowledge base.

#11. Mighty Networks vs Patreon Comparison

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform designed to help content creators directly receive recurring payments from their fans, or "patrons". Patreon allows established and upcoming creative artists (such as writers, musicians, YouTubers, etc.) to securely charge patrons for access to exclusive material. Patrons can choose how much they want to donate every month in exchange for unique benefits such as early access and downloads of new work before its public release.

Comparing Patreon vs Mighty Networks, Patreon has several advantages in many respects. It is a great platform for content creators to make money and connect with their followers. It has amazing tools, like custom prices and membership levels that help them build strong relationships with audiences. Plus, the analytics are powerful – they give lots of information on how well a particular content is doing. Patreon integrates easily into other platforms so that content is shared everywhere at once. There are a lot of creators and patrons in its established community which can allow you to reach more people with your work. Patreon is one of the best Mighty Networks alternatives.

#12. ToucanTech and Mighty Network Compared

ToucanTech is an online platform for schools, alumni networks, and student groups to collaborate more easily. It provides customizable group communication tools that enable users to stay connected with their peers — from classroom announcements to career advice.

With features like chat rooms, polls, and discussion boards, it allows each user to have access to the information they need on any device or browser in a secure environment. ToucanTech simplifies how organizations communicate so community members can focus less time logging in across multiple sites and services, allowing them greater control over networking opportunities within education settings worldwide.

ToucanTech provides greater value when compared with Mighty Networks. Its software is engineered to be powerful and secure, enabling organizations to foster meaningful connections with their respective communities that stand the test of time. The impressive customization options the platform offers enable organizations to develop and maintain an online network of members that is uniquely branded to bolster their identity.

#13. Uscreen and Mighty Networks Compared

Uscreen is an excellent mighty network alternative. It is a video monetization platform that helps creators and businesses launch their own streaming services. It's perfect for anyone looking to make money from movies, TV shows, live events, or even educational materials like online courses. Uscreen helps with everything you need by providing an intuitive dashboard for setting up subscription plans, tipping options, and ad-supported content without the hassle of writing complicated code. Plus its analytics help marketers monitor performance so they can keep track of viewership trends and adjust as needed. It’s a great tool to turn your passion into profit.

Uscreen offers course creators a more beneficial platform than Mighty Networks. It has tons of features that make monetizing videos and setting up subscription plans a breeze. You can give your videos the look you're aiming for and build an online audience that loves what you do. Uscreen gives you access to awesome analytics and provides greater visibility into user activity and viewing preferences. It not only hosts your videos but also lets you make money off them. You can display them on YouTube and other sites — something Mighty Networks doesn't offer.

#14. Discord and Mighty Networks Compared

Discord is a communication platform that was designed to allow groups of people to interact with each other in real-time. It works on both desktop and mobile devices, making it an ideal way for gaming communities or work teams who are in different locations to stay connected and collaborate effectively. Through its text chat, voice channels, and video calls, users can easily communicate thoughts and ideas no matter their physical location.

Mighty Networks operates a subscription-based system, while Discord is basically a free service. The focus of Mighty Networks lies in content creation and enhancing users' engagement, but Discord stands out when it comes to real-time communication needs.

#15. Discipleship Space and Mighty Networks Compared

Discipleship Space and Mighty Networks Compared

Discipleship Space is an online platform that seeks to connect individuals and groups for virtual Bible study and prayer. It provides gathering spaces, interactive tools, resources, and services aimed at furthering spiritual growth through a mentorship relationship between community members of the faith-based network.

Participants can join or start conversation topics related to Christian discipleship such as witnessing opportunities or mission trips and enjoy more features and activities on the platform. Discipleship Space is an easy-to-use social networking tool designed especially for Christians striving toward a deeper engagement with God’s Word.

Unlike Mighty Networks, Discipleship Space is innovatively set up to offer a more interactive and engaging experience. With features such as video chat, group messaging, and more customizable options, Discipleship Space caters to the needs of all classes of users according to their individual preferences.

Things to Consider When Picking an Alternative to Mighty Networks

Here are must-haves for any community building solution.

Features and Functionality

When making a decision, consider the features and functionality of each platform so you can find one that best meets your needs. Look into their feature list to see if it includes necessary elements like membership features, profile customization options, content types supported, better engagement analytics, marketing tools, integrations with other services etc.


The user interface should be intuitive and easy-to-use with an emphasis on speed out of the box. Check to see how quickly new members can get up running and how each platform handles the setup process. Evaluate navigation design as well as mobile optimization support for both users and administrators alike.


Analyze cost structure carefully, not only given budget constraints, but also the different plans offered by providers, since some may offer tiered pricing depending on usage levels. You should double-check those details before selecting a particular option. Many platforms may offer free trial periods, during which time you could test out several systems side by side (including Mighty Networks).

Customer Service and Support

Solid customer service from any provider is essential to ensure issues are resolved quickly without having an impact on business operations. Use reviews or case studies published online to assess this factor before making a final choice. But don’t forget about technical documentation available either directly through vendor websites or third parties. This could provide helpful insights into various platforms too when trying them out before committing fully to one system over another.

Security and Privacy

Last but certainly not least, security and privacy should always be a paramount consideration, particularly when dealing with confidential data shared within networks. Investigate encryption protocols used by vendors and look closely at their compliance certifications such as EU GDPR where applicable.


We hope that these reviews give you an idea of the best Mighty Networks alternatives on the market. As organizations plan for their eLearning programs in 2024, EducateMe allows them to create highly customized cohort-based courses according to their unique needs and become competitive in the market.

EducateMe is a superior Mighty Network alternative when it comes to building online academy infrastructure and an engaging learning community. Its user-friendly interface and powerful learning management system features are designed to ensure online academy owners and learners on the platform have satisfying experiences.

We also provide a robust security protocol that complies with international data privacy standards and a dedicated customer support service ready to assist at every step of your journey.

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