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rand and personalize, or else! That's what everybody is saying these days and online education isn't exempted. Almost 80% of marketers attest that branding is essential for growth. 

Yet, many fledgling online educators are under the misguided assumption that creating a brand and personalizing their content requires lots of money - and that isn't true. 

If you don't have deep pockets, there are inexpensive solutions to launch your course, such as white label LMS platforms!

best white label lms platforms

In this article, we run through the available white label LMS platforms and recommend the best ones for your white label training courses.

What Is a White Label Online Courses Platform?

In essence, "white-label" means some other company makes a product or service tailored to a specific company's demands. Usually, it comes in the form of software private label or white-label solutions. 

Regarding online education, a white-label online course platform is software that can be changed to meet the course hosting and management needs of a business or a course creator. 

Usually, it's so user-friendly that you can offer courses and retain the same brand voice and image as though you built and own the platform yourself.

The concept of private labels isn't just confined to the e-learning industry; in 2021, the retail sales of consumer packaged goods sold under private labels in the United States were estimated at a whopping 199 billion US dollars.
private label statistic

It makes white-label online platforms very popular. With them, businesses and academies can offer a private label course without owning and carrying the burden of the development process.

💡Highlight: White label education platforms are an excellent resource for organizations and businesses to create, host, and manage online courses, enabling them to connect their brand to the learning activities without sacrificing functionality or spending much time.

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Benefits of Using a White Label Online Course Platform

Beyond the obvious financial benefits, there are other advantages of having a private label platform. Let's take a closer look at them and figure out why you should take the plunge and buy a white-label solution.

  • Getting rid of sluggish processes and squandering time. White-label platforms allow you to put your energy into activities that boost your business rather than getting bogged down in the details of course platform design, design, and management. 
  • Online courses with a branded touch. Investing a lot of time and effort into creating courses is one thing, but making sure they look good? That's a whole other ballgame. With a few simple tweaks, you can ensure the white-label online platform reflects your brand's personality. 
  • Save money by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Private label platforms offering white label elearning courses feature in-built configurable options that can be easily altered on login. Providing ready-made templates, they simplify customization and offer convenience. 
  • Assists businesses with specific needs. White-label platforms can offer solutions to your specific needs. Whether you provide training for a design course, coding bootcamp, or within health and financial industries. Yet, custom solutions are something that an advanced plan offers.
  • Adds to employee brand and corporate culture. Studies have shown that staff who are well-trained and involved in their job are more likely to stay with the company and usually report high job satisfaction. Use white label LMS software to host your corporate or employee learning and add to corporate culture.

Features of a White Label Online Course Platform

Certain features are necessary when looking for an online white-label platform. If they're not available, it's a definite warning sign. Be sure to look out for these essential components!

  • User-friendliness. The simplicity of a white-label solution is one of its most vital features. The platform must be a breeze for both the customer and its users. 
  • API integration. Don't just stay stuck with the software's default features! Bolster your academy's capabilities by leveraging APIs from popular apps like Zoom, Calendly, Meet, Stripe, or Slack., and others.
  • Customization. White labeling is there to make the product look more like your brand. You can update the logo, colors, fonts, and button styles. And if you want to switch the language or add a new one, that's possible too.
  • Community support. White-label online platforms have a community support feature that enables course users to communicate and exchange ideas, views, and materials. Connecting students increases the course's worth and desirability.
  • Media formats. If you want to get your white-label training courses up and running, ensure you have a range of media formats. Think texts, PDFs, videos, infographics, and so on. That's the bare minimum for any white-label learning platform. 
  • Mobile app or mobile-friendly interface. A working and competent mobile app provides access and keeps things consistent. 85% of Americans has a smartphone, so you can get a better reach by making a mobile application or using a mobile-friendly interface for this particular user group. 
  • Certificates and gamification. Enhance your academy's appeal by incorporating gaming elements. You can give your users different levels and badges based on their successes and objectives. 
  • Security. A white label online course platform also offers a variety of security features to protect the data from unauthorized access. For example, the platform can be used to encrypt data, restrict access to certain areas of the course, and monitor user activity.

8 Battle Tested White label LMS Platforms to Launch Online Courses

Choosing the right white-label learning platform is a real challenge, given the multitude of options available. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Here's a comprehensive look at some great cost-effective options, which we've reviewed based on features, customizations, advantages and disadvantages.

#1. EducateMe

EducateMe is a white-label LMS with an easy-to-use and innovative system backed by essential tools for course creation and management, reporting, and customization. 

The powerful branding of EducateMe comes in line with opportunities for course creation and room for various integrations. Despite the flexible solutions, it has a distinct focus on collaboration, assignment management, and cohort analytics. 

This platform provides the capacity to host white label programs and courses, acceleration programs, online boot camps, corporate training, private label courses, and community-based learning.

Important Features of This White Label Platform

• Branding and Customization

EducateMe and Genesis - White Label Lms Platfrom Case Study

EducateMe allows you to modify the login page, where you can alter the width of the login screen, include your company's logo, and personalize the welcome message.

The branding feature gives users the opportunity to brand their courses with their logo, colors, and fonts. Moreover, you can integrate your domain so students can easily access it at any time. This enables course creators to create a distinct course appearance that reflects their branding image.

• Collaborative Learning and Cohort Management

The platform has a suite of tools to facilitate collaboration among students, such as the ability to work together on projects, start discussion forums, share ideas, host video meetings, and provide feedback. p

Besides, you can manage different groups and distribute tasks to selected student cohorts via student groups function fostering a collaborative learning atmosphere and permitting students to work together on group assignments.

• Rich Content Options

Course content customization

Use drag-and-drop tool and custom links to customize the layout of their white label online academy courses, ensuring both a visually pleasing design and streamlined navigation.

With EducateMe editor, educators can provide their students with a comprehensive collection of different materials, giving them access to high-quality content, PDF guides, practice tests, and video tutorials to maximize their learning experience. 

• Assessment Customization and Management

EducateMe provides tailored assessments for students to evaluate their understanding and proficiency in a given subject. These assessments are tailored to students' needs and can be used to track their progress. 

It is possible due to its well-thought-out approach to assignment management.

Instructors can give detailed feedback on the assessments, helping students identify areas to work on in order to enhance their performance.

• Progress Tracking

EducateMe’s progress tracking feature is another great custom feature, enabling you to monitor the advancement of the learners. Using this tool, mentors can view comprehensive reports on every student's progress, as well as contrast the achievements of other learners.

• Comprehensive Support Services

EducateMe offers solid assistance for students and instructors. Its team of dedicated customer service agents is available to provide answers to any inquiries, help with onboarding, or produce customized solutions

For example, it may be an API integration with other apps, like Calendly, for webinar management, or automated notifications.

💡Highlight: EducateMe is a white label learning platform with a decent editor to customize learning paths, collaboration tools for interaction, and great management solutions. It can be a great option for academies, enterprises, and training institutions.

#2. Kajabi

Kajabi - white label lms platforms

Kajabi gives creators and businesses the power to build, launch, oversee, and advertise digitized courses from one spot. It enables some scope regarding the structuring and backs the incorporation of mixed media for course development, such as writing, graphics, pictures, and videos. 

Additionally, you can utilize quizzes and polls to boost engagement amongst your students. Unfortunately, though, Kijabi’s community feature is a separate product that can hamper direct interactions.

Crucial Features of This Platform

• Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

Kajabi's drag-and-drop page builder is supposedly one of its best features. It allows users to whip up custom pages, though they don't need to know a thing about coding. It even boasts a bunch of templates that can be adjusted with images, text, videos, etc. 

If that's not enough, users can add custom HTML and CSS code to further customize their pages. 

• Integrated Payment System

Kajabi's integrated payment system makes it easy to get paid by customers. You can use credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and more. It's safe and secure with built-in fraud protection. And you can even set up subscription plans and recurring payments.

• Marketing Automation Tools

The automation tools are designed to help businesses get the most out of their reach and engagement. They include handy features like email marketing, lead capture forms, and automated campaigns. This makes it easy to stay connected with customers and keep them updated on new products and services.

• Membership Site Capabilities

With Kajabi's membership site capabilities, users can easily set up and manage their subscription services. It comes with customizable membership levels, content access control, and automated billing for customers - so creating and charging for exclusive content is simple. 

• Customer Support

The customer support team is accessible 24/7 to respond to any queries or issues that users may have. They offer an array of help options, including live chat, email, phone, and more. What's more, Kajabi's customer support team gives helpful tutorials and resources.

💡Highlight: Kajabi can be a good solution for course creators who seek powerful marketing options in addition to white-label capabilities. Yet, it may lack advanced collaborative and engagement tools.

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#3. Teachable

Teachable white label platform

Owners of a website or blog who wish to embed, manage, market, and sell their online courses may find Teachable to be a suitable white label course platform. For those without a website, the platform's built-in website can also be used to host and manage courses. 

Additionally, Teachable is simple to configure and includes multimedia options such as videos, exams, infographics, photos, and PDF documents. Teachable does not offer a decent community platform, although they do have a mobile application with restricted capacities.

Essential Features of This Platform

• User-Friendly Interface

Teachable provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies creating and managing white label courses. Its intuitive dashboard enables users to quickly access the necessary tools to custom-tailor their courses. The drag-and-drop editor facilitates customization of the course's appearance, while the course builder expedites content inclusion and organization.

• Comprehensive Course Builder

With Teachable comprehensive course creation tools, you can easily create engaging and interactive courses. You can spice up your course with videos, audio files, images, text, quizzes, and more. Plus, Teachable provides you with a wide range of handy templates and themes to kickstart your course!

• Flexible Pricing Plans

The platform provides several pliable pricing plans to suit various requirements. Customers can select from monthly or annual subscriptions, as well as pay-as-you-go options. Additionally, Teachable grants discounts for bulk purchases and presents exclusive offers for educators.

• Robust Analytics

Using their comprehensive analytics, you can monitor the effectiveness of your courses on Teachable. You can access detailed reports on course completion, student involvement, and other relevant data. This allows you to recognize areas that require improvement and make appropriate adjustments.

• Marketing and Promotional Tools

A variety of marketing and promotional tools are available to facilitate the promotion of your courses. These include the ability to generate discount codes, send automated emails, and monitor the efficacy of campaigns.

• Secure Payment System

The secure payment system facilitates the acceptance of payments from students, through credit card, PayPal, or Stripe.

💡Highlight: Teachable appears to be a good white-label solution for beginners to course creation and small academies that seek decent content editor support and payment support. However, it lacks a proper community platform and engagement tools.

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#4. LearnUpon

LearnUpon - white label lms platforms

LearnUpon is an online learning platform that provides a variety of customizable features that enable users to create and deliver captivating educational experiences, referred to as portals, or, alternatively, instances or environments. 

This allows for the configuration of different training programs for each target audience, effectively allowing for multiple LMSs to be managed in one centralized location.

Features of the White Label Learning Platform

• Login page

The login page is the first point of contact for users of your LMS. You can tailor this sign in feature to match the rest of your site's aesthetic. You can also modify the width of the login screen, include a company logo, and write your own welcome message.

• Portal

The appearance of a learning portal in a Learning Management System (LMS) has a major influence on user experience, as it serves as the area where users will spend most of their time. With LearnUpon, you can customize your portal and include elements such as banner images with details about your courses and the logo of your organization.

• Multi-portals

Brand elements are typically paramount when developing sub-portals designed to cater to different audiences. Through the use of multi-portals, tutors can create a personalized experience for each distinct demographic.

• Custom Domain

LearnUpon's white-labeling feature enables you to customize the URL using the domain of your company or business website.

• Personalize Emails

LearnUpon portals give you the ability to build an automated messages system with your own company's information, such as an HR Manager's or Director's contact info.

💡Highlight: LearnUpon can be an excellent option for corporate actors and training companies, offering a simple approach to learning provision and having space for branding and customization, however, lacking advanced options for management and reporting.

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#5. Eduflow

Eduflow - white label lms platforms

Eduflow is a white-label online platform designed to meet the individual learning requirements of students. It enables course creators and businesses to develop diversified educational pathways, improving the rate of absorption and comprehension for each student. 

The platform has a user-friendly UI/UX, so that educators and instructors can start their first course straight away, without any need for training.

Eduflow is committed to delivering educational experiences with a flexible pricing structure, including Free, Lite, Pro, and Premium plans. Unfortunately, Eduflow does support gamification to encourage student engagement.

Note. Eduflow has been one of the options, yer the recent acquisition by Multiverse means discontinuation of support and inability of registration for the users. Thus, it's better to consider the platforms above or below.

Features of This White Label Learning Platform

• Course Creation and Management

Through this capability, educators can conveniently set up courses, designate assignments, and monitor progress. They may access automated reminders regarding upcoming assignments and deadlines. Furthermore, instructors can personalize their courses by integrating images, videos, and other multimedia components. Additionally, users may access automated reminders regarding upcoming assignments and deadlines.

• Feedback System

This feature makes it super convenient for users to give feedback to their students about their performance and progress. Users can create bespoke feedback forms for both teachers and students to fill out. Plus, you can even set up automated notifications so learners know they have gotten feedback from a teacher or any other user. 

• Assignment Management

Using Assignment Management, educators can conveniently produce and oversee their pupils' assignments. This feature enables academies to produce personalized tasks with specific guidelines, due dates, and other elements. Moreover, automated reminders for upcoming assignments and deadlines can be configured, allowing teachers to stay on top of their students’ tasks and help them meet deadlines.

• Gradebook Management

The Gradebook Management feature is a remarkable custom function. It enables users to effortlessly monitor their students' grades and guarantee that they are achieving their objectives. With this feature, users can view comprehensive reports on each student’s grades, and even compare the performance of distinct students. 

Also, users can configure automatic notifications to alert them when a student is lagging behind or necessitates additional assistance. This feature makes it convenient for instructors to remain informed.

• Custom Reports

Businesses can conveniently generate custom reports based on their data with the Reports feature. Reports may be tailored to individual criteria, such as course completion rates and student performance, for example. 

Furthermore, notifications for when a report is ready for review or requires supplementary data may be set up automatically and alert users when necessary. This feature makes it straightforward for teachers to remain abreast of their student’s progress and to provide the requisite help when needed.

💡Highlight: Eduflow has been a leading collaborative learning solution on the market for various organizations and learning providers. Yet, due to the acquisition, it terminated its operation, making the users look for other options.

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#6. AcademyOcean

AcademyOcean - white label lms platform

AcademyOcean is a white-label solution that focuses on branding and provides immense flexibility in customizing the educational experience. Educators can issue personalized completion certificates to students, as well as enjoy enhanced security to protect their content from unauthorized access. 

Notably, the platform may be costly for course creators and beginners, with a starting price of $300 a month.

Features of AcademyOcean Worth Your Attention

• Assessments

Assessments are created to evaluate the student's comprehension of the material and assist them in recognizing areas that require additional attention. AcademyOceans customizes each assessment to the particular requirements of each student and offers feedback on their progress. 

With assessments, AcademyOceans allows companies to monitor participants’ progress and detect areas that require more focus.

• Customized Content

Organizations can tailor their content to the individual requirements of each employee, providing them with an optimal learning experience. Through tailored content, each staff member is able to accomplish their development objectives and become successful learners.

• Support Services

AcademyOceans has developed services to provide customers with the support they require to address their questions and issues. The online assistance is always accessible, ensuring that all students can receive the help they need to reach their goals.

• Progress Tracking

The Progress Tracking Feature of AcademyOceans offers course creators the opportunity to monitor the trainee’s work and pinpoint areas where more effort is needed. Learners can receive feedback on their performance and stay motivated.

💡Highlight: AcademyOcean is ideal for enterprises and content creators with multiple offerings, making it one of the costlier white-label LMS solutions.

#7. Pathwright

Pathwright - white label lms platforms

Pathwright is a renowned course-hosting platform that enables educators to create learning paths, strengthen their brand, and reach students worldwide. The platform furnishes the essential features needed for a course creator to initiate their business, such as scheduling and monitoring learners' advancement.

It takes a learning path approach to module creation that can be customized according to learning needs. The design and interface are significant advantages of this white label education platform being not only visually pleasant but also straightforward.

Essential Pathwright Features 

• Automated Grading

Pathwright's automated grading feature simplifies the process of grading student assignments within courses. This feature is highly customizable, allowing course creators to tailor the grading criteria to their specific needs. As a result, course creators are able to quickly grade student assignments without having to view each one individually.

• Course Templates

The Course Templates feature provides users with the capability to quickly create courses using pre-configured templates. This facility enables course developers to rapidly generate a course without having to begin from the ground up. Furthermore, the templates are adjustable, providing users with the ability to customize their courses by adding their own content and changing the aesthetics.

• Course Analytics

Pathwright's course analytics feature allows users to monitor student engagement and performance in real-time. This makes it convenient for course creators to identify areas that require additional support and track student progress over time, enabling them to recognize trends and make adjustments accordingly.

• Course Certificates

Certificates offer a convenient way for course creators to honor their students for completing a course and applaud their accomplishments. Your logo can be integrated into the certificates, allowing for an efficient promotional strategy for both your course and the brand.

💡Highlight: Pathwritght is an interesting solution that does not suit all, yet, it provides decent course creation tools in the face of learning paths and brings good branding options.

#8. Thinkific

Thinkfic  white label lms platforms

Thinkific is an online course platform that allows users to create and customize their own courses. It provides a wide range of features that make it easy for users to create and manage their courses.

From customizing the look and feel of the course to providing a secure payment system, Thinkific has everything users need to create a successful online course. In this essay, I will discuss the various custom features that Thinkific offers and how they can help users create a successful online course.

Crucial Thinkific Features

• Customizable Design

Course design is something that can be altered in Thinkific. Users can give their courses their own look and feel via customizable options, including color schemes, fonts, and layouts. Additionally, they have the option of incorporating multimedia into their course in the form of images, videos, and the like. 

Thinkific also includes tools for making unique course sales pages and landing pages.

• Secure Payment System

Users can accept payments for their courses through Thinkific's secure payment system. Credit cards, PayPal, and Stripe are just some of the accepted payment methods. You need not worry about the safety of their customers' financial data because the payment system is encrypted and secure. 

The system includes payment and earnings tracking tools for its customers. This facilitates budgeting and guarantees that instructors are compensated for their time.

• Course Management Tools

You get access to a number of tools for managing their courses, enabling you to generate your own tests, polls, and other forms of evaluation to track and report on students' development. You may also automate emails sent to students to remind them of upcoming due dates or assignments. 

• Course Promotion Tools

User-generated, customizable marketing material, such as banners, flyers, and social media posts can be used for brand promotion. Thinkific also includes in-built marketing tools to target potential students, as well as analytics tools to monitor the success of marketing initiatives. 

By monitoring and adjusting user-created campaigns based on the results obtained, users can achieve the greatest success.

• Course Analytics

Digital academies are able to obtain comprehensive reports regarding student involvement, course completion proportions, and other measurements. This makes it simple for users to spot areas where they can refine their courses and ensure they are successful. 

• Customizable Pricing Options

Users have the opportunity to leverage Thinkific's pricing management tools for setting and modifying their own prices when producing courses. They can decide from a variety of pricing structures, including one-time payments, subscriptions, and pay-per-view options to determine the most profitable structure for their course. 

💡Highlight: Thinkific appears as the comprehensive online course platform for single course creators and small and medium businesses, offering good design options, course creation tools, and payment support.

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Which White Label LMS Platform is the Best?

EducateMe's white-label course platform is the ultimate solution for conducting live sessions with students and promoting user interaction. The platform's features can be tailored to incorporate third-party applications such as Zoom, Notion, or Jitsi, making it an ideal choice for the user's individual needs. 

If you are seeking an advanced white-label online platform that promotes efficient collaborative education, EducateMe is the ideal solution. Get started now or request a demonstration of the system's UI/UX by booking one today.

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