MS software is designed to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of corporate training programs. It has been utilized as a library of student resources, an effective method for instructors to manage courses, and a versatile environment for corporate training programs.

According to MarketsandMarkets 🧐 , the LMS market will expand from $5.22 billion in 2017 to $15.72 billion in 2021. This program is a fantastic investment for schools and businesses because of its innovative take on time-honored teaching and learning methods.
Indeed, integrating an LMS into your organization offers numerous benefits. Among them are integrated learning (cited by 53% of educators) and simpler development assessment (41%). It is also utilized to expedite progress reporting and the centralization of data about training. 

Whether you are a business CEO trying to boost employee productivity or the head of an educational institution looking to streamline daily operations, you can be certain that LMS has everything you need.

The best part is that EducateMe has already done the legwork for you, so you don't have to. This article has compiled a list of the best LMS for small businesses. 

Here's a sneak peek:

✅ EducateMe: best LMS for cohorts

✅ Docebo: best AI-powered LMS for enterprise learning. 

✅ Talentlms: best for personalized Training.

✅ iSpring Learn LMS: top choice for quick support 

✅ Sap Litmos: best LMS for Corporate Training 

✅ Moodle: best open and free LMS software for small business.

✅ LearnWorlds: best with marketplace capabilities.

✅ 360Learning: best LMS for L&D collaborators.

Wish to learn more about these LMS platforms for small business? All right, let's get this party started!

Learning Management System (LMS) Defined

Wikipedia defines LMS as a software program used to manage, monitor, Report on, and provide training." Here at EducateMe, we'd like to provide a more elaborate explanation of an LMS. Simply put, a learning management system facilitates the development, distribution, and tracking of educational materials. LMS's primary functions, as the name implies, include:

  • Learning 👨‍🎓: It facilitates the development of courses tailored to the needs of a specific organization.
  • Management 🤝: Employees receive courses that have been carefully planned, administered, and disseminated.
  • System 📊: An LMS paves the way for computerized data analysis and grading systems in classrooms and offices.

Since there is such a wide selection of LMSs, it can be challenging for businesses to zero in on the best fit. In deciding between the best LMS for small business, think about how you intend to deliver Training. The next step is to compare the features of various LMSs and pick one that can accommodate your organization's needs. It is also important to remember that no LMS currently offers a complete set of features.

Must-Have Features of a Learning Management System

Different kinds of LMS systems for small businesses offer a range of features. A few features have become de facto standards for learning management systems (LMSs), and these should serve as a jumping-off point for your research. Questions to ask yourself while looking for the best LMS include:

  • Is the interface pleasant to use for both students and teachers?
  • Do these training features exist in the product?

The following are core features that every LMS ought to have:

  • ⭐️ Responsive design, making it accessible on all devices. 
  • ⭐️ User-friendly interface. 
  • ⭐️ Course creation and management. 
  • ⭐️ Content interoperability and third-party integration. 
  • ⭐️ Report and tracking system. 
  • ⭐️ Assessment and certification tools. 
  • ⭐️ Administrative layer. 
  • ⭐️ User support.

The Top 8 Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Small Business or Mid-sized Startups

Here is the best LMS software for small business and medium-sized counterparts.

EducateMe - Best LMS for Cohort-based Learning 


EducateMe is one of the most powerful learning systems for small businesses that use the cohort learning model. The platform aims to help you create a successful cohort program by giving you an easy-to-use interface and a solid foundation on which to develop. EducateMe's pricing starts at $2.5 per active user/month.

What makes EducateMe special? 🤔

  • Collaborative learning spaces: EducateMe LMS is a great tool for small firms that want to promote team-based learning. The Collaborative approach promotes group collaboration on activities or educational objectives with a sizable enough group, so everyone has a chance to contribute. Students in a group could each take on a special responsibility that contributes to the whole, or they might all work on the same thing.
  • Acceleration programs: When it comes to accelerator programs, EducateMe is a hub for those who provide training and guidance for learners.
  • Assignment management: An assignment management system aids educators in organizing and allocating classroom assignments to students at certain times. On EducateMe, you can create homework for your students, specify due dates, and easily add relevant resources. Assignments can be set as due, locked, or made view-only on specific dates, giving you complete control over when and how information is shared.
  • Integrated tools: EducateMe integrates a set of useful technologies that facilitate learning. For example, These include:
  • Zoom: for live sessions
  • Calendar: for reminders and to schedule classes
  • The tracking and analytics system measures learning progress, participation, and completion rates.
  • Meeting recordings: A built-in tool that records live sessions and adds them to your lessons.
  • Messaging: enables instant messaging and communication among participants
  • In-app notification: sends reminders about scheduled activities.

Docebo - Best AI-Powered LMS for Enterprises

Docebo was designed to merge formal and informal training, emphasizing proactive Training and individual mentoring for businesses of all sizes. It's a slick LMS that works well on mobile devices and encourages growth with performance monitoring, faster course rollouts, and game-like challenges. 

This program lets you personalize your brand, learning portal, and courses to your heart's content by providing a sleek and user-friendly interface that supports multiple connectors. 

Docebo provides several quote-based subscription options, including a free 14-day trial version with unlimited administrators, storage, courses, and bandwidth. Pricing information for Docebo is only available upon request. 

What makes Docebo special? 🤔

  • Premium integrations: Assuming you have the necessary course materials, setting up an online course is a breeze. The tough part of eLearning is making sure it's being done and is being done well. Docebo allows you to integrate with services like SF.com and Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML, OKTA, and Webex to enhance your educational offerings. You may integrate it without any hitches with your existing customer relationship management solutions, human resources software, online meeting platforms, and social media.
  • Easy to use performance tracking racking. If you're going to use Docebo, you may as well make it count. Whether or not your online course produces the desired outcomes may be ascertained. This software's course-tracking features, performance-monitoring tools, and custom reporting capabilities can improve future eLearning programs.

TalentLMS - Best for Personalized Training 


TalentLMS is a solution that may be used to provide online Training for staff and business associates. While primarily aimed at SMEs, this software's enterprise-level capabilities span a variety of sectors. 

TalentLMS is well-known for its user-friendly design and the security and speed with which it transfers data and hosts files on its servers.

This program may be used on iOS and Android and supports different languages. They have both paid and free subscription tiers, with the paid tiers being priced competitively. 

Prices range from $39 for a starter, $149 for a basic, $279 for a plus, and $459 for a premium plan. Their yearly billing option comes with a little price cut. They also have plans to develop a system that can support an infinite number of people if that's what you're after.

What makes Talentlms special? 🤔

  • Extremely flexible user interface: TalentLMS is among the top 5 LMS for small business because its concept is more about convention than configuration. But it does have the potential to work with a wide variety of learning technologies, such as SCORM and Tin Can (xAPI), push notifications, and video conferencing. Additionally, you can add your CSS and JavaScript to personalize your learning site further and use the over 200 services it supports. This makes it simple to design courses that meet your needs and reflect your aesthetic tastes.
  • Full-fledged solution: TalentLMS simplifies creating, marketing, and tracking an online course by providing a comprehensive set of tools. Among its many capabilities are the creation of certifications, the automation of bulk actions, the management and distribution of files, the collection and analysis of data, the facilitation of internal interactions inside portals, and the facilitation of online retail sales. The application also has a course marketplace where users can purchase prepackaged courses on various subjects.
  • Supports strategic course execution:  Creating a course is the first step in the eLearning process. Planning the execution of your online course is essential to ensuring its success. The learning environment may be divided into several branches. Learning routes can be organized according to the speed at which they should be taken, and an assessment engine that allows for various exam kinds can be accessed with TalentLMS. Because it generates detailed reports based on assessment outcomes, this program is particularly useful for monitoring participants' development over time.

iSpring Learn LMS - Top Choice for Instant Support 

ispring learn lms

iSpring Learn LMS is one of the robust LMS options for small business that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. This platform is committed to promoting education outside traditional classroom walls by making it possible for users to attend courses from any computer or mobile device. Whether you're looking to retrain your staff or introduce them to new methods, this software solution includes a ton of features that can be adjusted to fit your needs. The price of an iSpring Learn LMS subscription depends on the number of users you want to host. They provide free trial programs and quote-based payments for your convenience.

What makes iSpring Learn LMS special? 🤔

  • Authoring with complete integration: Spring Learn LMS makes it easy to create courses, quizzes, video lectures, and simulations. In addition to simple content creation and straightforward uploading, it also permits real-time webinars, incorporates gamification, and executes sophisticated reporting and evaluations. In addition, some organizational features are built into the platform for monitoring things like upcoming due dates, currently enrolled classes, and the overall effect of each course.
  • Data confidentiality: You may not always have time to download and import all of your online course materials and performance data due to your hectic schedule. In response, iSpring Learn LMS offers infinite storage capacity and automated backups across many data centers. Your proprietary information will be safely archived for your review whenever you want.
  • Reliable technical help available 4/7/365: Although learning management system (LMS) software makes e-learning easier, it is not immune to technological issues. For this reason, iSpring Learn LMS provides access to expert support engineers around the clock. Whenever you have more questions about the product, they even arrange webinars inside the program to assist you.

SAP Litmos - Best LMS for Corporate Training 

sap litmos

Over 11,000,000 people have benefited from SAP Litmos, making it the most popular cloud-based LMS in the world. Organizations of all sizes trust the platform because it consolidates classroom, mobile, social, and eCommerce features into a single, stable, and scalable system, speeding up internal and external education. Prices for SAP Litmos's learning management system packages vary from $3 per month to $9 per month on an annual subscription plan, with the exact cost depending on the number of concurrent users using the portal. They also provide an operational software product for Training at a low price of $2500.

What makes Sap Litmos special? 🤔

  • Effective learning administration: Do you wish to develop a whole e-learning program but don't have the time or energy to master many programs? SAP Litmos might be the answer. Course creation, performance monitoring, surveys, alerts, and personalized learning pathways are some features offered by this suite of software tools. It has e-commerce capabilities make it simple to start charging for your lessons.
  • Training automation: Many factors should be considered before training courses are created. Expense tracking, tax preparation, and certification management are all in that category. According to your business's needs, SAP Litmos can automate and improve this process. Trying to reach people all across the world? Don't worry; this program works in 24 different languages and can generate prices specific to certain countries and facilitate customized branding and messaging.
  • Huge library of training materials: SAP Litmos provides an extensive off-the-shelf content library where you can acquire brand new training materials at no additional cost, in addition to its top-notch security features, powerful reporting instruments, and award-winning customer service. You won't have to spend as much time searching online for relevant readings and other resources.

Moodle - Best Open Source & Free Cloud Based LMS for Small Business


With Moodle, instructors can make their dynamic courses available to students worldwide without spending a dime on a cloud-based or commercially supported LMS. 

This program features easy plugin administration and mass course building in addition to its other useful features, including file management tools, custom site design choices, language support, and secure authentication. Moodle is about the best free LMS for small business that's also an open-source platform. Users may access it anywhere at no cost.

What makes Moodle special? 🤔

  • Dedicated dashboard: Moodle provides a user-friendly, adaptable dashboard that lists all courses and tasks in one convenient location. It includes a calendar, text editor, auto alert tools, progress monitoring solutions, and collaboration capabilities, and it's available on desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Easy course creation. Compared to traditional classroom training, the main difference between e-learning and traditional classroom training is that the former does not often allow face-to-face mentorship or flexible teaching methods. With Moodle, you can provide your students with comprehensive and engaging courses by integrating media and facilitating online meetings.
  • Vast collection of educational material: Moodle makes it simple to search for relevant resources, no matter your role in the classroom. It allows users to have discussions in various tongues, provides access to free educational materials, and archives posts from people all around the globe. This makes it far less of a hassle to learn about recent developments in your field.

LearnWorlds - Best LMS with Marketplace Capabilities 


You can create your own online courses or instructional programs using LearnWorlds, a cloud-based online training platform. Use this software to design engaging training modules for your customers, staff, and business partners. The application's user-friendliness stems from the fact that many pre-made templates may be modified extensively without the need for coding or design expertise.

With LearnWorlds's simple plug-and-play interface, course vendors can devote their time and energy to more meaningful endeavors rather than worrying about technical details. Being web-based also means that you may access it from any mobile device. This eliminates the need for system downtime as well as version tracking. A free trial is available, but regular monthly pricing begins at $29.

What makes LearnWorlds special? 🤔

  • Player for customized training courses: Learning is facilitated via LearnWorlds. Students learning and progression may be managed in a granular fashion using this tool thanks to the course player's flexible configuration options. Constrictions may be imposed as well. Learners may annotate their papers in a variety of ways. Moreover, it includes transcripts, responsive e-books, and interactive movies.
  • Online store capabilities. Private classes, free courses, course packages, and subscriptions are all up for grabs. LearnWorlds is a "white-label" service, meaning you may use your own logo and language while delivering content to customers. Some features are pop-ups, form customization, email marketing, search engine optimization, and an innovative affiliate management system.
  • High-tech analysis. Through sophisticated courses and user analytics, you may learn more about how your students engage with the content you provide in your courses. This feature makes it easier to find out what they like and need to work on. The adoption and effectiveness of e-learning materials may be improved via data-driven decision-making.

360Learning - Best LMS for L&D Collaborators


360Learning undoubtedly ranks top LMS for small business because of its built-in support for team-based education. This system is relied on by companies of all sizes since it provides the means for the concurrent creation of courses, the identification and categorization of students, the automation of evaluations, and the creation of individualized training plans. 

It also has an intuitive user interface, which enables L&D groups to build courses in as little as 17 minutes. Besides these, the platform is adaptable to mobile use and may work in tandem with a wide range of enterprise software.

What makes 360Learning special? 🤔

  • Easier access to tailored lessons: 360Learning's innovative, collaborative learning structure encourages workers at all levels to contribute to course materials. That is to say, whether you are designing an orientation program or a course for a certain division, you can guarantee that the trainees will acquire relevant skills for their jobs.
  • Higher levels of student participation: 360Learning's strengths are its ability to facilitate conversation and teamwork. The program has gamification features, including a challenge mode, leaderboards, certificates, and awards, among other things. It also features a built-in messaging system, group pages, and discussion boards. In this manner, students will be more invested in their academic pursuits.
  • Feedback control: This platform has all the standard tools for managing courses and features a powerful feedback management tool that helps L&D groups refine their training methods over time. The system actively solicits feedback from students and records their ratings and responses to each course. The system then creates reports in real-time, allowing teachers to evaluate a class's effectiveness instantly.


According to industry reports, implementing a learning management system can significantly cut training time and costs, increase profit margins and substantially increase revenue per employee. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and impersonal to send staff members away from the office for Training. 

Instead, employing LMSs facilitates on-the-spot learning and access to curriculum-based education. 

Organizations can ensure that their staff is always operating at peak efficiency by making it easy for workers to access relevant training materials. Rather than centering on the teacher, as was customary in the past, LMSs shift the emphasis to the students. 

Check each LMS's available features, costs, and user reviews before making a final decision. The majority of the heavy lifting has been done in this manual.

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October 11, 2022

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