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ell, 360 Learning is a decent platform for creating collaborative programs, handling onboarding, and upskilling employees. You can’t doubt it, can you? 

With a focus on collaborative learning and straightforward navigation, it is a great fit for a diverse pool of actors, from corporate enterprises and training businesses to schools and academies. 

Yet, as a business solution, 360 Learning LMS is quite pricey. As a learning platform, it lacks advanced learning and course management functions. 

Wonder if other options are on par, or even better? Here is a brief overview: 

best 360learning alternatives

Read on to learn more about the best 360Learning alternatives with great features and different pricing.

Why Look for an Alternative to 360 Learning?

Why Look for an Alternative to 360 Learning?

Now, let’s look closer at 360 Learning LMS so that we know what features to look or compensate for.

360 Learning is an LMS and LXP platform that allows the straightforward development of programs and learning paths for upskilling, offering great navigation, diverse quiz formats, and effective collaboration. 

So yes, 360 Learning LMS is a proper option to support your talent management and internal upskilling. 

However, certain features can make you puzzled and impact the operation and evaluation of your learning.

360 Learning pricing and hidden costs

The company’s pricing is a major reason to look for 360Learning alternatives. What are the main concerns?

  • 360 Learning pricing starts at $8/mo per user under the Team Plan (for less than 100 learners), and it is pretty expensive for learning providers. The price doesn’t include such solutions as Coaching, Live, and Globalization.
  • Business Plan (for 100+ users) requires a year commitment. Also, to set your plan, you will need to contact a specific representative. 

As a result, the learning provider can find the pricing model confusing and pricey. While additional solutions can result in unexpected budget overload.

Lack of course management tools

The platform falls short in terms of advanced user and course management. How? 

Well, there are only 4 lesson formats and lots of elements, leading to chunky structure and unstructured content. The inability to segment programs into modules hampers effective content editing and management. Thus, users can find the course creation process confusing and inconvenient. 

Drawbacks in user experience and engagement

Sure, 360 Learning LMS offers a flexible system and collaboration features. Yet, only some things are as great as they seem. Why? 

Firstly, as the curriculum builder offers no modules, it impacts user experience. Navigating through densely clustered content pages may be quite challenging for learners, 360Learning Knowledge Base won’t help with that. 

Secondly, not all collaboration features are real-time. For instance, to see the feedback or comments, you will need to update a page. 

Reporting and customization are not so great

360 Learning's reporting capabilities seem basic and inflexible. It comes from the lack of report customization and a unified dashboard for tracking. Nonetheless, custom reports are now available.

Learning specialists who desire more control over the appearance and layout of the platform are likely to seek solutions with more advanced branding and customization. 

💡Highlight: Despite the ease of use, navigation, and decent collaboration, 360 Learning LMS lacks transparent pricing and advanced reporting and has drawbacks related to course creation and user experience.

What are the Best Alternatives to 360Learning?

Before we jump to the detailed evaluation of the 360Learning alternatives, consider our brief comparison to navigate your search.

LMS Features Best for Pricing
EducateMe Collaboration features;
Advanced management tools;
Intuitive course editor;
Powerful reporting.
Diverse needs and scalable corporate programs;
Suits corporate actors, learning providers, and training businesses.
Starts at $100/mo (under seat-based model charging $2.5/month per learner)
Absorb LMS Exciting AI tools,
Diverse content formats;
Content library supported by providers;
Mobile app.
Business actors, from small companies to enterprises;
Interactive employee development programs.
Upon a request
Docebo Gamification;
AI recommendation;
Content market;
Mobile app.
Large businesses to train and upskill learners. Starts at $25,000/year
Cornerstone Automatic skills intelligence;
Social learning;
Customized learning paths;
Reporting and analytics backed by AI.
Departments and businesses to manage talent development. Upon a request
Litmos Instructor-led module;
Administration and automation tools;
Customization and white-label options;
Training Library.
For small and middle-sized businesses to provide instructor-led programs. Available upon a quote
ProProfs Quiz maker;
Easy-to-use editor;
Pre-built courses library;
Virtual classroom software.
Onboarding and compliance training programs led by instructors;
Suits educational organizations as well.
Starts at $2.46/mo per user
LearnUpon Customizable learning portals;
White labeling;
Gamification elements;
Corporate businesses to meet the learning needs of LD departments and student groups. Available upon request
Get Bridge Basic course creation tools;
Advanced video feature;
Skill management;
Performance tracking;
Mobile app.
For employee development and skill management within large organizations Available upon request
Tovuti LMS Interactive content options variety;
Gamification and certification;
Collaboration features;
Mobile app.
Large organizations that focus on captivating content and engaging training provision. Pro plan starts at $11,160/year; Lite plan starts at $199/mo
Seismic Learning (Lessonly) Content automation;
Role plays and scenarios;
Rep management;
Skill gap analysis;
Businesses striving to elevate their sales training process. Upon demo request

1. EducateMe: Collaborative Learning Platform for Diverse Learning Needs 

1. EducateMe: Collaborative Learning Platform

Let’s start with platforms that can compensate for what 360 Learning LMS lacks. 

EducateMe is the best 360 Learning alternative, offering solid real-time collaboration features, outstanding management, and a flexible course creation set. Besides, it is very cost-effective. The platform puts cohort-based and collaborative learning at the center of its operation. 

That’s why corporate actors can effectively scale and administer diverse programs, from onboarding to upskilling, and engage with multiple learner groups. 

Key features of this 360 Learning alternative:

  • Custom branding. EducateMe allows you to customize the appearance of the user interface, including colors, fonts, and shapes. Also, you can add a logo or integrate your domain.
  • Course creation tools. They streamline your course development efforts via an intuitive and flexible drag-and-drop editor. It offers diverse formats and lesson types and allows module addition.
  • Collaborative tools. The platform provides the following engagement tools: peer review, Zoom or Loom integration, comment section, channel, and built-in messenger. 
  • Assignment management: This 360 Learning alternative provides a Kanban dashboard to facilitate assignment management, while an intuitive calendar simplifies event scheduling. 
  • Reporting tools: EducateMe brings in powerful learner analytics and feedback management tools to track performance, course completion rates, attendance, and student satisfaction.

What do users of EducateMe like?

  • Extremely flexible system supporting API access, diverse integrations, and content formats applicable to key learning strategies.
  • Highly intuitive and structured course building.
  • Streamlined user and assignment administration.
  • Excellent tools for real-time collaboration. 
  • Advanced reporting capabilities with insights, feedback, attendance data, and completion rates.

What users of EducateMe don’t like? 

  • No mobile app, even though it is pretty mobile-friendly.
  • Lack of SCORM files support, yet, custom solutions are available.

Pricing: free trial; pricing starts at $100/mo (for 40 learners), EducateMe charges $2.5/mo per student under the seat-based model;

2. Absorb LMS: Comprehensive Alternative for Upskilling and Training Management

Absorb LMS: Comprehensive Alternative for Upskilling and Training Management

Absorb LMS is a comprehensive alternative to 360 Learning LMS, offering excellent features to create learning programs and customize training experiences. There is powerful AI assistance, gamification options, and personalized learning capabilities.

Absorb LMS provides solid group management and engagement capacity. It is quite an adaptable tool for onboarding or diverse training programs within enterprises.

Key features of this 360 Learning alternative:

  • Course creation. Absorb LMS offers dashboard customization and multiple formats, including videos, course integrations, observation checklists, and e-signatures. 
  • Engagement features. The platform offers a comment section for collaboration and a gamification set for better student motivation.
  • Content libraries. Absorb software allows accessing thousands of pre-built courses, including the ones hosted by such providers as LinkedIn Learning and SkillSoft, to upskill employees. 
  • AI options. Absorb LMS offers exciting tools to help with program creation or management, for example, Intelligent Assist to answer requests or Trending Ribbon to recommend online courses.

What do users of Absorb LMS like?

  • “Flexibility in the design of learning experiences” allows them to adapt to various learning and training needs.
  • Rich features to create interactive and skill-oriented learning experiences, and branded individual portals for users.
  • Mobile app for students using Android or iOS devices. 
  • A proper gamification system that allows the creation of badges, progress charts, and certifications to support training.
  • SCORM files support.

What users of Absorb LMS don’t like: 

  • AbsorbLMS’ pricing structure lacks transparency and can be pricey.
  • Not so intuitive flow compared to other 360Learning alternatives, especially regarding course creation, configuration, and customization. 

Pricing: available upon a quote, a free trial is possible upon contact with support  

3. Docebo: Solid AI-powered Solution For Skill Development

Docebo: Solid AI-powered Solution For Skill Development

Docebo is another alternative to compensate for the lack of management and reporting from 360 Learning LMS. Docebo seems to be ideal for advanced training, continuous employee development, and change provision within large organizations. Why? It offers great automation and management, decent reporting, and solid AI-driven capabilities. 

Crucial features of this 360 Learning Alternative

  • Gamification. Just like AbsorbLMS, Docebo offers decent gamification, allowing you to add badges, certifications, leaderboards, points, and rewards.
  • AI-backed management. Docebo does well in course creation and management thanks to drag-and-drop functionality, automation, and AI recommendations, like Docebo Skills.
  • Content marketplace. Docebo offers an alternative to course providers, aggregating courses, training material, audio lessons, and summaries in a library.

What do users of Docebo like?

  • The comprehensiveness of the platform, with various features and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Powerful capabilities for scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving training requirements.
  • A powerful set of tools for closing the skill gap, considering Docebo Skills and Content Marketplace features.
  • Mobile app for learners and SCORM compatibility.

What users of Docebo don’t like?

  • Docebo lacks advanced engagement and reporting capabilities (custom reports or data display).
  • It can be difficult to edit created courses and programs.
  • It is pretty expensive and is not the best option for actors with limited budgets.

Pricing: starts at $25.000/year (based on a 3-year contract)

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4. Cornerstone: Universal Skill Development System

Cornerstone: Universal Skill Development System

Compared to the previously mentioned 360 Learning alternatives, Cornerstone LMS is a more universal and expensive option for businesses and training organizations. Why? It stands out as a premium training and skill development platform, focusing on automated skills intelligence and personalized learning paths. 

Overall, it is an effective tool with LMS and LXP features for HR departments and corporate trainers to create custom learning paths and manage employee development.

Crucial features of this 360 Learning Alternative

  • Automatic skills intelligence: Cornerstone allows you to visualize current competencies and automatically assign appropriate courses to address skill gaps. 
  • Social learning: You can engage and motivate learners with gamification elements and social learning, including discussion forums and peer-to-peer interactions. 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics: Analytics tools provide insights into training effectiveness, training progress, and skill gaps, while AI offers personalized recommendations.

What do users of Cornerstone like?

  • Comprehensive training software combining competencies and skills intelligence, content production, and training management.
  • AI-based intelligent recommendations to provide personalized learning experiences.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

What users of Cornerstone don’t like?

  • Lack of mobile app and outdated user interface. 
  • No automation for repetitive tasks related to program creations and reports.

Pricing: available upon a quote

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5. Litmos: Flexible Alternative for Employee Training

Litmos: Flexible Alternative for Employee Training

In contrast to the 360 Learning alternatives we mentioned above, Litmos is hardly as comprehensive. Yet, it’s pretty decent regarding course development, gamification, and even e-commerce. It is easy-to-use and offers flexible tools to provide personalized training and answer diverse learning needs. 

Importantly, it can be an excellent tool for instructor-led programs and would benefit small and middle-sized businesses. 

Key features of this 360 Learning alternative

  • Instructor-led module. It is a powerful feature of Litmos for blended or cooperative learning. It allows one to schedule virtual training, get user feedback, and provide an assessment.
  • Administration and automation: Thanks to automated group enrollment, task assignments, and learning paths, you can significantly streamline your course management.
  • Customization and white-label options. There are vast multilingual capabilities, branding options, and customizable learning paths. 
  • Training materials library: Litmos surprises with its vast library of pre-built training courses (over 2,000 pieces).

What do users like about Litmos?

  • Outstanding capabilities to create customized learning paths and track students' progress.
  • Powerful instructor-led module.
  • Litmos offers workflow automation capabilities to streamline processes and map learning paths out. 
  • It supports the SCORM format, offers video assignments, and brings great gamification.

What users don’t like about Litmos?

  • Many underline that reporting can be difficult to use and often brings issues.
  • There are certain bugs while support can answer slowly.
  • No mobile app.

Pricing: available upon a quote, yet appears to cost less than 360 learning

6. ProProfs: Straightforward Alternative for Online Training and Quizzes 

ProProfs: Straightforward Alternative for Online Training and Quizzes 

The next alternative on our list is ProProfs — a cloud-based training LMS that is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective solutions. It offers a power quiz maker and essential tools for course creation, including an easy-to-use editor, a library of pre-built courses, and virtual classroom software. 

Simplicity and accessibility make ProProfs an effective software for onboarding and regulatory compliance training programs led by instructors. It is also a proper tool for educational organizations and training businesses.

Crucial features of this 360 Learning LMS alternative:

  • Library of ready-to-use courses. Compared to other 360Learning alternatives, this one offers only 100+ courses. However, they are developed by experts and are pretty effective for course building.
  • Virtual classroom space. It allows the creation of separate learning spaces to build programs, group learners into cohorts, and offer them relevant content. It adds to scalability and centralized access.
  • Compliance and reminders. The tool offers calendar reminders and the ability to set notifications to encourage learners to proceed with programs.

What users like about ProProfs

  • Powerful quiz maker with diverse quizzes, tests, and brain games.
  • An intuitive interface, essential tools for training, flexibility, and good navigation.
  • A vast library of templates for employee training, from marketing or branding to safety and security.
  • SCORM files support.

What users don’t like about ProProfs?

  • Has much fewer templates and pre-built courses if compared to the Cornerstone or Docebo.
  • Not so many advanced features, including reporting and course development.
  • For those who seek a replacement for the 360 Learning app, ProProfs won’t provide that, offering only mobile optimization.

Pricing: free trial upon request; pricing starts at $2.46/mo per user

7. LearnUpon: Corporate Training Alternative with Personalized Learning Portals

LearnUpon: Corporate Training Alternative with Personalized Learning Portals

LearnUpon LMS is another practical and easy-to-use online learning platform that excels at offering customized learning programs. The key advantage of this platform is personalized learning portals. They allow breaking larger learning spaces into subportals and creating certain learning paths. 

Overall, LearnUpon is ideal for various businesses to cater corporate learning needs of departments and student groups.

Key features of this 360 Learning Alternative

  • Learning portals. With portals at the center of learning development, you can tailor unique learning experiences for various audiences. It also adds to administration and scalability. 
  • White labeling and space customization. The appearance of portals can be modified, meaning you can add images, logos, and branding elements or colors.
  • Automation. It allows you to automate repetitive tasks, for instance, reporting, manage user and admin access, and integrate with HR software.

What do users like about LearnUpon?

  • Ease of use and great navigation for users and admins. 
  • Engaging and interactive gamification elements backed by clean design and navigation. 
  • Decent reporting with filters, data export features, and a dashboard. 
  • Powerful integrations with CRMs and HRIS.
  • SCORM files support.

What users don’t like about LearnUpon?

  • Limited course authoring options.
  • Lack of ability to modify specific learning paths upon publication, limitations may arise.
  • Doesn’t offer a mobile solution similar to the 360 Learning app.

Pricing: upon a demo request

8. Get Bridge: Employee Development and Talent Management Platform

Get Bridge: Employee Development and Talent Management Platform

Out of all 360 Learning alternatives, Get Bridge is not as recognized and popular. Yet, Bridge is an employee development software combining learning management, skill administration, and performance tracking tools. There are basic content creation tools, advanced video experience features, survey options, and decent integrations.

It means that enterprises use it as a universal solution for upskilling, identification of skill gaps, and improvement of organizational culture. 

Key Features of this 360 Learning Alternative:

  • Advanced video feature. This is quite a distinctive feature with which you can record, create, and catalog video content for your online training. With video editor, you can benefit from in-moment commenting, auto-captioning and translation, and playlist creation.
  • Course creation. Within LMS, Bridge provides intuitive tools to create, share, and track training programs. You can categorize content for search and link skills to courses.
  • Performance management. Get Bridge allows having manager-led conversations about career development, talent reviews, goal alignment, and peer feedback and managing it in one place.

What do users like about Bridge?

  • Ease of use for users and learners, and simple navigation.
  • A comprehensive approach to employee development and easy-to-use course creation.
  • Training transcripts due to their effect on tracking.
  • Supports SCORM files and offers a mobile app.

What users don’t like about Bridge?

  • Basic course editor that lacks interactive elements.
  • Limitations in terms of customization, course reporting, and management.
  • The product can be pricey for middle-sized and small organizations.

Pricing: three various plans and pricing for each is available upon request

9. Tovuti LMS: Great Alternative for Interactive Training

Tovuti LMS: Great Alternative for Interactive Training

If you are looking for a 360 learning alternative that will help you make your programs or courses more interactive, then Tovuti LMS may be a great fit. Tovuti LMS is a learning management system with exciting content options, gamification features, and proper engagement tools. 

With it, you can use a variety of content formats, support learning with polls, and launch quizzes. That way, Tovuti LMS is perfect for large organizations that focus on captivating content and engaging training provision.

Key features of this 360 Learning LMS alternative

  • Content options variety. More than 40 content types give organizations great flexibility in designing their training programs.
  • Gamification and certification. The platform's gamification features, including badges, checklists, and certifications, would ignite participation. 
  • Community and collaboration. TovutiLMS fosters a collaborative learning environment with limited community options, whiteboards, and peer-to-peer interactions.

What do users like about Tovuti?

  • Versatile arsenal of content types, including dynamic videos and SCORM file support.
  • Solid gamification features.
  • Offers options for actors without L&D budgets.

What users don’t like about Tovuti?

  • Challenging for beginners due to its complexity and non-intuitive design. 
  • E-commerce, API access, and SCORM support are only available under the high-tier pricing plans.
  • High-tier plans can be pricey.

Pricing: offers no free plan; Tovuti Pro starts at $11.160/year; Tovuti Lite starts at $199/mo (up to 50 users, unlimited courses)

10. Seismic Learning (Lessonly): Powerful Solution for Sales Training

Seismic Learning (Lessonly): Powerful Solution for Sales Training

Looking for a specific solution for your sales rep training, coaching, and onboarding? You should think of Seismic Learning, formerly known as Lessonly. 

It is a perfect solution for businesses striving to elevate their sales training processes. There is a significant focus on content automation, rep management, skill gap analysis, and reporting. 

Key features of this 360 Learning alternative

  • Course builder. You can create interactive sales courses and support them with scenarios, role-plays, video recordings, certificates, and instructor-led sessions.
  • Reporting. Seismic Learning offers great dashboards for the learners’ insights and overall training and provides scorecards to show rep readiness.

What do users like about Seismic Learning?

  • Centralized approach to connect internal and external actors.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use system.
  • Access controls for the coaches and reps.

What users don’t like about Seismic Learning?

  • Clunky reporting and confusing search options.
  • Integrations are somewhat limited. 

Pricing: upon a demo request 

How to Choose the Best 360Learning Alternative?

To choose the right option out of all 360Learning alternatives, you should focus on the next criteria: 

  • Limitations to compensate for, in particular, reporting, user management, and editing).
  • Features you like about 360 Learning LMS (for example, collaboration features, quizzes, and navigation).
  • Budget constraints and number of users.
  • Scope of education and training needs, and how diverse your programs would be.
  • Management and scalability.
  • Availability of SCORM support, mobile app, and integrations.

For instance, universal learning management systems like Docebo, Absorb LMS, and Cornerstone can offer more in terms of reporting and management but are as pricey. Yet, EducateMe, Litmos, and ProProfs are cost-effective and very flexible to meet the needs but may lack content options or mobile apps.

So, What Is the Best 360Learning Alternative for You?

Now, as you have criteria in mind, let’s see how each of the 360 Learning alternatives suits them:

LMS Key Focus Pros Cons
EducateMe Collaborative learning, management, and system flexibility Ease of use and navigation, customization, advanced reporting, kanban approach Offers no mobile app; lacks SCORM support
AbsorbLMS Training management Flexible design, learning customization, and gamification, SCORM files Pricing structure lacks transparency; not so intuitive
Docebo Advanced training, continuous employee development Comprehensiveness, powerful tools to close skill gaps, mobile app, SCORM compatibility Lack of engagement tools; pretty expensive
Cornerstone Skill development and automatic skills intelligence Training management, SCORM compatibility, AI-powered recommendations, advanced reporting Lack of mobile app and automation; outdated user interface
Litmos LMS Personalized employee training Learning paths capabilities, instructor-led module, SCORM compatibility, video assignments Issues with reporting; bugs may appear; no mobile app
ProProfs Employee training and quizzes Powerful quiz maker, good navigation, training templates, SCORM compatibility No mobile app; lack of advanced features
LearnUpon Customized learning portals Interactive gamification, clean design, integrations with CRMs and HRIS, SCORM files support Limited course authoring; no mobile app
Get Bridge Employee development and video content Comprehensive approach, training transcripts, SCORM files support, mobile app Basic course editor; limitations in terms of customization and course reporting
Tovuti LMS Interactive training programs Variety of content (40+ types), solid gamification features Challenging for beginners; non-intuitive design; can be pricey
Seismic Learning Sales training and rep development Centralized approach, intuitive and easy-to-use system Clunky reporting; confusing search options; limited integrations


Yes, 360 Learning LMS is not perfect. It has some drawbacks: reporting, course management, and hidden costs. 

If you want a better learning management system, there are plenty of options. Yet, you should consider your goals, strategy, budget, and learning needs.

For enterprises with a large budget, there are platforms with skill development and human capital management features. Simultaneously, organizations with lower budgets are likely to pick software that is flexible and much cheaper. 

EducateMe is such a platform, bringing powerful collaborative tools, great management features, and clean navigation. Try it now or book a demo to learn more.
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