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orporate training programs for employees must be included in the business plan of any organization that wishes to increase productivity and sustain growth. 

The significance of corporate training cannot be emphasized enough. When it comes to retaining new hires or fostering employee loyalty, businesses acknowledge that investing in staff skill development is advantageous for all parties. Many however face difficulty implementing this. Hence, it is crucial to have a flexible and interactive learning programs for this reason. This is where cohorts become relevant. 

We will discuss how to implement cohort-based learning in the workplace and how it can assist you in achieving your training objectives.

What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training is a form of education that equips employees with the required skills or knowledge through learning programs of various forms. The purpose of corporate training is to improve various aspects of operations in an organization.

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The HR department is usually responsible for corporate training. For larger organizations, a learning and development (L&D) team may oversee corporate training.

Their responsibilities include noting knowledge gaps and areas needing improvements and developing/implementing training programs based on specific business needs. They also create long-term education plans for particular individuals and the entire workforce.

Advantages of Corporate Training

Here are a few benefits of training for corporate employees:

#1. Staying Competitive

Developing the skills of employees naturally boosts their productivity and business performance in the bigger picture. It is essential for a company to remain competitive in the market by increasing its productivity as much as possible. In today’s world, where everything changes very quickly, companies need to anticipate technological advances. Such anticipation makes them provide the appropriate employee training to bridge any gap that may reduce their competitiveness.

#2. Keeps Employees Motivated

What better way to motivate an employee than to support their career development through training? Employees who feel valued and supported will be motivated to give their best on the job. They are usually eager to apply a newly acquired skill from corporate training to demonstrate its value.  Corporate training gives employees a feeling of accomplishment and healthy self-esteem. A motivated employee is an employee who is willing to go the extra mile to deliver more value.

#3. Reduces Employee Turnover Rates

Research indicates that a company experiences 18% annual workforce turnover. Well-trained employees feel more confident in their job and tend to be loyal to their company. This confidence and loyalty can translate into lower employee turnover, especially when the compensation and benefits offered are competitive.  Frequently, recruiting and training new employees to replace those who have left could be very expensive.

How Cohorts Influences Corporate Training Programs For Employees?

So you want to launch corporate training for employees that works? See how adopting a cohort model can help you achieve training goals.

☑️ Increased Accountability: Learners in a cohort program tend to show more accountability in completing their assignments and coursework as they keep up with peers. Carrying out group work also increases their sense of accountability.

☑️ Applied Learning: The teaching methodology used in a cohort learning in the workplace program is more interactive. This promotes applied learning and increased knowledge retention.

☑️ Community Building and Support: Cohort learning in the workplace encourages community engagement, close collaboration, and mutual support among learners.

☑️ Soft Skills Development: Soft skills like critical thinking, innovation, and communication are developed through practice. Developing them within a training cohort is more impactful.

How to Choose a Cohort-Based Upskilling Program?

Picking the right cohort-based upskilling program for your corporate training is vital. Cohort-based upskilling programs are delivered through a learning management system (LMS). Here are the key factors to look out for before you make a choice on the LMS for your cohort-based program.

1️⃣ Define your corporate workforce training objectives and check if the LMS features and specific configurations meet them.

2️⃣ Go for performance-based learning features. A great LMS takes account of learners’ performance and their individual progress.

3️⃣ Mobile design is critical. Using a smart training platform is non-negotiable, as many of your learners will access the training on mobile devices. Your chosen LMS must be frustration-free with respect to mobile device use.

4️⃣ Video and social learning features are must-haves. Social learning features make your training more engaging because they facilitate collaboration. Using video content to train is essential for modern learning. Videos and visuals help learners understand better.

5️⃣ Check for content creation and curation solutions. The right LMS must allow you to create and curate training content easily. A hassle-free content creation and curation process would benefit your learners in no little way.

How to Adopt Cohort Based Training for Employees

Before you set up a cohort learning in the workplace, you need to first identify your company’s long-term and short-term goals. Write down the goals, prioritize them, and decide to go for the employee training program that aligns more with your goals. This will help you lay a solid foundation for your planned cohort-based training.

The next step is choosing an LMS. The success of a cohort-based training program largely depends on the LMS. The info right above this section gives you clear insight into that.

EducateMe is one of the top corporate training organizations (LMS platform) designed to support cohort-based programs sufficiently. With only a few simple steps, you can start building your training program. EducateMe stands out because it offers all the amazing features and support you need to make your cohort-based training a huge success.

After choosing a suitable LMS, you should budget your program, manage the training logistics, design your curriculum, and schedule the training sessions.

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