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alentlms Pricing is an often discussed subject in the world of learning management systems. It is no easy task understanding the pricing models and costs associated with LMS, but it's worth exploring.

In this article, we will compare Talentlms pricing with those of Absorb LMS, Canvas, and EducateMe. 

Here’s a quick cost summary.

LMS Cost Pricing Model
Talentlms  $69, $149, $279, $459, and custom   Pay-per-user
Canvas  Free and custom  Open source, quotation based 
Absorb Per request/custom 
Pay-per-user, subscription/quotation based
$2.5 monthly 
Pay-per-active-user, subscription-based
Per request/custom
Pay-per-active-user, quotation/subscription based
According to SaaS Worthy, $120, $210, $380, and $890 annually
Pay-per-user, subscription/quotation
$300 or $9000 per year
Perpetual license based or by subscription
From $6 per user
$4, $10, $11, or $12,500
Perpetual license based or by subscription

Let’s start by discussing the general LMS pricing structure.

LMS Price Comparison

The concept of LMS pricing models can be a tricky one for many organizations and businesses when they are choosing LMS for their needs.

Many times, the amount an organization pays depends on the required features and specifications, such as scalability, client requirements, connected external applications, integration, support, etc. Let’s briefly discuss the most common pricing models.

Pay-per-Active-User Model

Pay-per-active-user is a popular LMS pricing model that provides an effective way for organizations to pay only for what they use. This model works best for companies with fluctuating user numbers since it offers flexibility in terms of usage and cost.

Fixed Number of Users Model (Pay-Per-User)

This model allows organizations to purchase a set amount of licenses upfront. This model can be particularly useful if you have or anticipate high levels of activity from your employees. Once the active accounts are paid for reaching the limit, further purchases may need to be made to accommodate more individuals on the system. The additional licenses could result in higher costs later on.

Flat Fee or Fixed Price Model

The Flat Fee or Fixed Price Model is a popular LMS pricing model, where an organization pays a lump-sum fee for access and unlimited usage of an LMS. This price usually includes initial setup costs, hosting fees, updates, and support. The benefit of this type of model is that the organizational budget can be planned out in advance with no surprises. However, cost savings could be minimal over time if additional features are needed to keep up with changing technologies.

Monthly Subscription Model

This model involves making ongoing payments on a monthly basis. The cost is usually determined by factors like the number of users and the level/type of service provided by the vendor. Typically, higher user numbers will require increased subscription rates. This model gives organizations flexibility based on their requirements at any time. 

Custom Pricing Model

Custom pricing models allow organizations to tailor price points based on their specific business needs. It supports custom features, integrations, and flexible subscription lengths, providing a more streamlined experience when selecting and committing to a system. This model is an ideal option if your organization requires unique configurations or specialized support options that match their budget expectations.

Talentlms Pricing & Solutions 

Talentlms is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems for small businesses and large enterprises striving to create engaging eLearning experiences. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive customization options, scalability support, versatile deployment methods and gamification tools make it one of today's leading solutions in modern L&D ecosystems.


Onboarding Training

Talentlms's onboarding training software is an intuitive and powerful platform to ensure successful onboarding for new hires. With its advanced capabilities, the solution extends beyond traditional online learning methods by enabling organizations to build courses that are tailored to their unique needs. It provides a seamless connection that helps employees to understand company culture, customs, processes, and best practices for success from day one. The software can be deployed quickly no matter the organization’s size.

Compliance Training

Talentlms offers a comprehensive compliance training software solution that helps organizations meet their mandatory employee education requirements. Its intuitive platform enables the easy creation of engaging course content that can be deployed quickly with robust tracking capabilities. Organizations can access full reporting features for individual employee records, boosting accountability across the workforce.

Customer Training

The customer training software solution helps businesses of any size easily create and deliver effective, cost-efficient online courses to their customers. With multiple language options and the ability for users to integrate third-party tools, Talentlms makes it easy for businesses to effectively manage and track customer training.

Marketing Training

Talentlms' marketing training software provides an easy and powerful dashboard for creating content that engages users and tracks their progress during the training process. It is designed to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and skills they need to become successful marketers.

Prices Explained


The Starter plan is the perfect choice for budding entrepreneurs and businesses just starting out. For a nominal price of $69/ month, you can get unlimited courses with unrestricted email support - not to mention a custom homepage designed specifically for your web community! The Starter plan works best for groups between 6 - 40 people, so it’s great if you're looking to take off in no time.


This basic subscription package is ideal for teams of mid-size businesses looking to expand their reach and strengthen their brand. For $149/month, billed yearly, you get unlimited courses, available email support whenever you need it and a custom homepage tailored to fit your company's individual needs. The plan comes with an extra layer of security - single sign-on support and a custom domain + SSL certificate.


Talentlms Plus Plan is an ideal choice for businesses seeking advanced insights into their training efforts. For the price of $279 per month, this plan offers unlimited courses, email support, a custom homepage, and single sign-on login capabilities with secure SSL encryption. These features provide business owners with complete control to monitor progress throughout the organization across different learners groups. This plan is suitable for enterprises with 50 - 500 users.


The Premium plan is the most popular and it’s great for businesses with 400 -1000 users who need to keep training at scale. For $459 per month, you will have access to an array of features and services. They include unlimited courses creation, priority email support, custom homepage design, single sign-on authentication, etc. Customers also get a dedicated Account Manager who can help you to get the best of the platform.


The Enterprise plan is designed for organizations that need more than the previous four plans offer. The features include unlimited courses, a custom homepage, domain settings, and the ability to set up single sign-on customer support.  Automated reports can be generated regularly, and they are customizable to provide your organization with insightful data analysis on student performances.

For pricing information, you’ll need to contact Talentlms directly to get a quote that matches your unique needs.

Canvas LMS Pricing & Offerings 

Canvas LMS, developed by Instructure, is a cloud-based learning management system that offers a variety of products. Apart from Canvas LMS, Instructure provides Canvas Studio, Canvas Catalog, and Canvas Credentials.

Canvas LMS  itself includes solutions to accommodate various needs and roles within the educational sector. Let's take an in-depth look at each solution:

Solutions by Needs

Online & Blended Learning

Supports both online and blended learning environments, allowing educators to create interactive and engaging courses. The platform is designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and learning among students and instructors.

Student Engagement & Success

Promotes student engagement and success by offering tools such as multimedia integration, discussion boards, and assignment submission. These features encourage active participation, prompt feedback, and support for personalized learning paths.

Data Analytics

You get valuable insights and analytics on student performance, course engagement, and overall progress. Educators can use this data to identify areas for improvement, adapt their instructional approach, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the learning experience.

Integrations with Other Tools

Supports seamless integration with a wide range of third-party tools and applications, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and various learning tools. This enables educators to streamline their workflows and create a cohesive learning environment for students.

Solutions by Roles

For Administrators

Offers tools and features specifically made for administrators, such as reporting and analytics, user management, and course creation. These tools help administrators effectively manage their institutions, track performance, and ensure the smooth operation of the learning management system.

For IT/Technologists

Caters to the needs of IT professionals by offering a secure, scalable, and reliable platform. The system provides  APIs, SSO (Single Sign-On) support, and compatibility with various learning tools and technologies.

For Educators

Empowers educators to design and deliver engaging, personalized, and accessible courses. The platform provides a set of functionalities, including assignment creation, grading, communication tools, and multimedia integration, to support and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Canvas LMS Pricing Breakdown

Regarding the Canvas LMS cost, the platform offers an open-source solution, making its code freely accessible. However, costs may arise for setup, customization, and ongoing maintenance.

The cost of scaling is not public and requires booking a demo to obtain details.

Best Suited For:

  • Organizations with technical skills seeking a customizable LMS.
  • Companies with a large in-house tech team to handle customizations and management.
  • Those not worried about user count influencing the price.

Not Ideal For

  • Cost-sensitive buyers, as expenses related to building, implementation, and upkeep can be substantial.
  • Companies without full-time tech resources, since external contractors may be necessary for continuous management.
  • Users prioritizing stability and refined UI/UX, as open-source platforms, may lack the sophistication of their commercial counterparts.

Absorb LMS Pricing & Products

Absorb is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) engineered to inspire learning and fuel business productivity. The learning system is one of the most popular on the market and used by companies like Sony and Johnson & Johnson.


Absorb Infuse

As a next-generation learning solution, Absorb Infuse focuses on delivering a seamless, immersive learning experience that transcends typical application integration. It positions organizations for success by providing an engaging in-the-flow learning experience.

Absorb Engage

Absorb Engage enhances the learning environment by offering interactive and collaborative tools. These features not only facilitate learner engagement but also improve the overall user experience, ensuring your training program caters to various learning audiences.

Absorb Analyze

Offering more advanced reporting capabilities, Absorb Analyze allows organizations to delve deeper into their learning programs and understand the relationship between learner data and business outcomes. This business intelligence solution features tailor-made interactive reports, helping organizations visualize trends and make informed decisions.

Absorb Create: Online Course Builder

The Absorb Create, the online course builder, provides an intuitive authoring tool with drag-and-drop functionality, accessibility features, and an array of customizable templates and themes. This powerful tool streamlines the creation and publishing of interactive eLearning courses on the LMS or in SCORM, xAPI, and HTML5 formats.

Absorb Amplify

Absorb Amplify enhances employee training by offering a curated content library filled with expert-designed courses. This turn-key solution promotes learner engagement and knowledge retention through its video-based microlearning courses, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for the modern workforce.

Cost of Using Absorb Compared to Talentlms Pricing

The image below is a snapshot of the Typeform you have to fill out to get a price quote for Absorb.

Similar to Talentlms, Absorb uses a pay-per-user model. While pricing is only available on request, it's known that a subscription plan for 500 learners costs about $14,500 annually. The fee is based on the number of learners during each billing cycle, and all learners are included in the bill.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Companies offering compliance or skills development courses for internal employees
  • Organizations training a fixed number of external users, such as contractors

A Good Fit For:

  • Stable Learner Count: This pricing works well if you don't expect a significant change in LMS users
  • Predictable Billing: Consistent billing makes financial management easier

Not a Great Match For:

  • Unpredictable Situations: If learner count is uncertain or variable, consider other LMS pricing models
  • Paying for Unused Access: If there are many inactive users, a different model might be more efficient

EducateMe Pricing & Services

EducateMe is an all-in-one learning management system (LMS) that allows educators and learners to make the most of their online education experience. As one of the leading LMSs, EducateMe offers an intuitive interface and powerful functionalities to create and deliver engaging training content. The platform allows organizations and businesses to launch live courses in minutes.


Cohort Learning

Cohort learning is a learning model that lets students collaborate online without needing to be in a physical space. The goal of learning in cohorts is to create an interactive environment where the participants can learn together and form relationships that aid their development.

EducateMe's LMS provides comprehensive cohort learning solutions, helping your learners or trainees reach their potential. Course creators or Trainers can leverage several tools, features, and integrations to create and deliver cohort-based courses that are engaging and enrich the learning journey.

Corporate Learning

The corporate training platform provides organizations with custom, interactive learning solutions that improve employee performance and productivity.

Organizations can create training materials that clearly communicate their corporate culture and the direction they are heading to their employees.  The corporate training solution lets you build comprehensive modules that can be enriched with engaging lessons, documents, and pre-recorded videos.


The EducateMe platform equips individuals or organizations with all the tools they need to effectively manage their online learning bootcamp. You can automate live sessions, structure training materials, manage students’ assignments, track and analyze their performances, and do achieve more from a single platform.

Community-Based Learning

EducateMe's community-based learning solution lets your community members connect and share information about themselves. It also gives your learners the ability to link to social networks and create short bio sections, including a brief background, which can be helpful in initiating conversations with others.

How Much Does EducateMe Cost? 

Unlike Talentlms, EducateMe operates a pay-per-active user model at $2.5/month for each active student. Charges apply to learners who log in or take a course during the billing period.

Perfect Use Cases:

  • Medium to large enterprises needing historical activity access for inactive users
  • Organizations with training initiatives that have unknown user numbers.
  • Companies conduct yearly recertification for occasionally active users.

Recommended For:

  • Maximizing Value: Paying only for active learners ensures a better return on investment
  • Compliance Requirements: Access records for past users to meet compliance reporting needs

Less Suitable For:

  • Unpredictable Billing: Bills may vary based on user activity, making budgeting more challenging.


LMS pricing models vary significantly, so it's essential to carefully evaluate your needs, number of users, and required features before making a decision. This pricing guide will help you understand the distinctions between different solutions and how they compare to Talentlms pricing.

If you're looking for a scalable alternative to get started, consider checking out EducateMe.

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