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here are a huge number of memes about boring lectures and sleepy students (you can see one below 😀), showing that making learning interesting isn’t easy at all. 

Boring Lectures Memes

The task becomes even more complex if you teach online: there is usually no direct contact, and it’s much more difficult to ensure that all participants are tuned in to the lesson and are engaged in the process.

According to research from Columbia University, the completion rate of massive online courses averages 15% or less. What does it mean? Most learners aren't involved enough in learning. How can you address this? Through interactive learning!:)

Surely, creating a really effective and engaging learning experience requires a lot of effort. However, interactive online training software can make it easier. 

So, we've compiled a list of the top 10 interactive learning software options to make your search and selection easier.

What is Interactive Training Software?

Interactive training software is a solution that facilitates collaborative & engagement learning and helps to replicate the traditional learning experience in an online environment.

You might wonder, how is it different from other e-learning solutions? Well, a good interactive learning software usually allows you to:

Interactive Learning Elemenets
  • Set goals for learners;
  • Gamify the learning process;
  • Foster collaborative experience;
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange among learners;
  • Assess learners’ knowledge level;
  • Encourage healthy competition;
  • Reward completion of the learning path.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Interactive Training Software?

The choice of interactive online training software should begin with an analysis of your needs and the characteristics of the target audience. We recommend considering the following criteria.

#1. Target audience 

Before choosing the platform, it’s necessary to clearly define who exactly will use the system, what needs these users have, and what requirements and expectations they have.

💡For example: You may need a platform that offers certified accreditation for your medical staff, then you need to look for an e-signature feature.

#2. Functionality

You should pick a training solution that has all the necessary features for creating, delivering, and evaluating interactive training content.

💡For example: If high customization to the appearance of your brand is important for your corporate training or client training, you need to look for white label interactive platforms.

#3. Integration capabilities

You need to pick a platform that will be compatible with other applications and services used for your business.

💡For example: You might need integration with Loom to answer all questions of employees in a more interactive way.

#4. Updates and support

The interactive online training software you choose must be updated regularly. These updates should include error fixes, new relevant features, and general performance improvements. You should also select a solution that includes high-quality technical support, consultations, training, and resources for users.

#5. Data security

Of course, modern interactive software should provide a sufficient level of security for user data and information in general.

💡For example: You can consider a solution that uses encryption, authentication, backup, hacking protection, etc.

10 Best Interactive Training Software for 2024

1. EducateMe 

EducateMe Interactive Training Sof

EducateMe is an interactive training software designed to enhance corporate training programs through its comprehensive and customizable platform. 

What makes it unique? It offers a range of interactive features, including AI-powered online course creation, embedded multimedia content, and real-time progress tracking.

The platform's Kanban assignment tracking dashboard and group assignment capabilities facilitate effective task management. Additionally, built-in messenger, live session hosting features (with automatically saved recordings), and peer-to-peer reviews provide essential support and foster a collaborative learning environment.

Best For: It easily fits with the learning needs of most organizations, be they large corporations, startups, or mid-sized agencies.

EducateMe pros and cons

Pros Cons
14-day free trial Lack of a dedicated mobile app (yet, it is pretty mobile-friendly)
Quick support & high adaptability for users' tech requirements Limited support for SCORM files
Flexible content and assignment management, supporting various formats and integrations
Mix of cohort-based & self-paced tools with analytics-powered insights
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Key features

  • Custom Branding: The platform offers custom colors, fonts, logos, and domains to enhance your company's brand presence.
  • Engagement Content: Users can create bite-sized modules, lessons, webinars, quizzes, assignments, and peer reviews. You can also include videos, interactive elements, and external resources within training materials.
  • Kanban Assignment Tracking Dashboard: This solution allows managing and visualizing assignments effortlessly.
  • Deadline Management: EducateMe enables setting up fixed dates or countdowns for assignments with automatic calendar updates.
  • Group Assignments: You can facilitate teamwork through automatic learner group allocation.
  • Progress Tracker: Admins and instructors can monitor employee engagement, module completion, and assessment performance.
  • Feedback Management: EducateMe enables the collection of insights through surveys and feedback forms to improve training programs.
  • Built-in Messenger: You also have the opportunity to facilitate learner communication and collaboration.
  • Live Sessions Hosting: This interactive training software allows hosting webinars, virtual classes, and Q&A sessions.
Pricing: free trial; Advanced — $100/m for 40 learners; Pro — $200/m for 80 learners; Enterprise — $1250/m for 500 users (seat-based model with $2.5/mo per student applies).

2. EdApp (Now SC Training)

 EdApp (Now SC Training) Interactive Training Software

SC Training (EdApp) is a mobile-first microlearning platform designed for quick and interactive training sessions. They offer comprehensive features, an intuitive interface, and robust analytics. Its advanced content creation tools include an AI course creator and over 80 templates, providing flexibility with interactive and engaging learning environments. 

This solution can boast about AI translation into 100+ languages, and collaborative features like discussion forums and peer authoring. SC Training provides a broad array of gamification features that also enhance interactivity.

Best For: Small organizations seeking solutions for microlearning programs with gamification elements. 

SC Training pros and cons

Pros Cons
Simple to use authoring tool Analytics and reporting could be better
Mobile app for learners Collaborating tools are limited
Support for a variety of learning styles and preferences The steep learning curve for the first-time user

Key features 

  • Content management: The LMS offers an AI course creator, 80+ course templates, videos, quizzes, games, and assessments; an editable course library, bite-sized content, course creation services, PowerPoint into course converter, and quiz maker.
  • Collaboration & engagement: This solution also has in-build games, achievements, real rewards, spaced repetition, push notifications, certificates, assignments, discussion forums, Brain Boost spaced repetition tools, stars & prizing draws, and peer authoring.
  • Customization: Users also can customize their background, button, progress indication color scheme, fonts, logo, and add custom CS.
  • Gamification: Using this platform, the user gets access to leaderboards, achievements, certifications, and badges.
Pricing: Free Plan — up to 10 users; Premium — $5 per learner/month; Enterprise — custom pricing.

3. 360Learning


360Learning is an interactive training platform designed for team-based learning and knowledge sharing. This platform is designed to create a smooth learning experience for online & offline education. With its IOS & Android mobile applications, you also get access to establish a mobile-first learning approach with gamification elements.

Best For: Businesses and enterprises aiming to run interactive training for employees with a mobile-first learning approach.

360Learning pros and cons

Pros Cons
Synchronous and asynchronous learning environment Many features are available only under the Enterprise plan
Easy course creation & management Limited reporting and customization
30-day free trial Incomplete pricing details

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Key features

  • Mobile application: The platform offers a fully responsive, and user-friendly interface and mobile application for learners.
  • Content creation: You can use customizable course templates, integrated video recordings, and AI-powered suggestions for custom quizzes. Additionally, it supports web-based file embedding and surveys.
  • Collaboration & engagement: It includes virtual classrooms, screencast demos, and a newsfeed to foster interaction. 
  • Gamification: With forums, upvotes, sharing options, badges, leaderboards, and achievements, it encourages active participation and recognizes learner contributions.
Pricing: 30-day free trial; Team Plan — $8/registered user per month (up to 100 users/month); Business Plan — custom price.

4. LearningPool (formerly Curatr)

LearningPool is another example of interactive training software that offers personalized, relevant, and unique on-demand learning experiences. It features deep search capabilities, social and gamified strategies, and seamless integration with tools like MS Teams and Slack.

The platform supports a variety of learning methods, including mentoring, webinars, and buddying up, while providing actionable insights through advanced AI and Natural Language Processing.

Best For: Corporate training and professional development companies that are focused on social and experiential learning.

LearningPool pros and cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use and flexible Lack of pricing transparency
Wide range of social learning tools No enhanced reporting functionality
Great customer support service Platform speed can let down

Key features

  • Adaptive content: This feature combines scenario-based training, practice, analysis, and reinforcement with advanced analytics to personalize learning.
  • Skills builder: The solution allows you to identify organizational skills gaps, align employee skills with goals, and use market data.
  • Multi-channel communications: You can author and schedule messages that are sent out whenever any given learner or cohort meets your chosen conditions. 
  • AI conversations: It allows your employees to practice workplace conversations with an AI-powered character. 
  • Gamification: You can utilize leaderboards and badges.
Pricing: By quote

5. HSI (Health and Safety Institute)

HSI (Health and Safety Institute) Interactive Training Software

HSI is an interactive learning solution that provides e-learning content management and employee training tools. It also offers EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) management, chemical SDS (Safety Data Sheets), learning management, and more. 

With real-life simulations, scenario-based training, discussion forums, social learning features, and gamification elements, you can create a really exciting journey for your students. 

Best for: Companies within industries that require rigorous safety standards, like healthcare and manufacturing. 

Health and Safety Institute pros and cons

Pros Cons
Easy to keep track of students and courses Difficult to obtain on how to use the product
Blended learning options Lags on the speed
Real-life simulations and scenario-based training
Gamification elements
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Key HSI features

  • Direct enrollments: Platform allows for easy signup for one-off online courses that fall outside your requirements.
  • Certificates and cards: You can download and print certificates of completion or wallet cards, with scannable QR codes.
  • Automated notifications: The user can customize application and email notifications.
  • Off-the-shelf content: HSI has hundreds of additional training topics to supplement your custom content.
Pricing: $4,500/year + additional expenses

6. Userlane

Userlane is an interactive digital adoption platform used to measure how employees use software, identify areas for improvement, and offer real-time guidance directly within any application. In addition, it offers users a real-time view of digital transformation progress within the organization. 

It also had all the necessary capabilities for employee training & support and change management.

Best for: Companies looking for software adoption, digital transformation solutions, and user onboarding. 

Userlane pros and cons

Pros Cons
Dynamic user walkthroughs Visual customization restrictions
Versatile in-app communication tools Hidden additional costs
Wide analytics & reporting capabilities Limited integration opportunities
Granular audience segmentation

Key Userlane features

  • Digital adoption solution: They offer a digital adoption solution that provides on-screen, step-by-step guidance to your users. 
  • Comprehensive analytics: Userlane has two applications for user analytics: HEART (monitor software adoption across enterprise apps) and Content Analytics (add interactivity for guided learning within the platform).
  • Userlane assistant: It helps users access content, guides, and announcements.
  • Content management: You can create interactive guides and customized communication flows.
Pricing: Structured in a customizable pattern

7. Newired

Newired Interactive Training Software

Newired is an online training software designed to increase user engagement and simplify digital transformation processes. Newired helps in guiding the user simply step by step for tasks they need to accomplish. 

You can also add tips (additional information, suggestions, help, etc.) to an existing application as an icon, or just by hovering. Further, to optimize feedback and actionable results, you can place dynamic surveys depending on the context.

Best for: Enterprises, private and public companies, and software vendors for onboarding, continuous training, and software adoption.

Newired pros and cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use and implement Relatively high price compared to competitors
No coding skills needed The search feature is not great
Customization options Content creation may require significant time and resources
Wide analytics & reporting
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Key Newired features

  • Interactive Walkthroughs: Newired provides step-by-step interactive walkthroughs that guide users through processes and software applications in real time. 
  • In-App Assistance: Tooltips, pop-ups, and on-screen prompts provide just-in-time guidance.
  • Customizable Content: The platform allows organizations to create and customize content tailored to their specific training needs.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools track user progress, engagement, and performance. 
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Newired seamlessly integrates with Calendly, Zoom, Google Office, TypeForm, Trello, and 200+ other popular applications.
  • Gamification: They offer such features as badges, achievements, and leaderboards. 
Pricing: By quote

8. Trivie

Trivie Interactive Training Software

Trivie is another interactive training application that automates retention, reduces training costs, and gives companies insight into what their employees know and feel. At the core of retrieval practice is a technique called the spacing effect or spaced reinforcement and this is the exact opposite of “one and done” training.

The adaptive learning methodology personalizes the content and cadence of learning based on what each user knows or does not know until he or she masters a topic. Another important interactive element is gamification (leaderboards, badges, awards).

Best for: Small/medium-sized businesses looking for engaging compliance and upskilling solutions.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Personalized learning experience Limited offline access
Social & community features Content development complexity
Fun and interactive gamification elements Relatively high price compared to competitors

Key features

  • AI-generative content creation: Trivie incorporates AI-driven algorithms to generate personalized learning experiences.
  • Community engagement: The solution offers social features such as discussion forums, peer-to-peer challenges, and collaborative learning activities.
  • Gamification elements: This includes features like badges, rewards, leaderboards, and interactive quizzes.
  • High-definition analytics: Users get access to detailed insights into learner progress, engagement levels, knowledge retention, and performance metrics.
  • Content management system (CMS): It allows administrators to create, upload, organize, and manage training content efficiently.
Pricing: Team Plan — $499/m (up to 100 learners); Business — $999/m (up to 250 learners); Large Company — $1499/m (up to 500 learners)

9. SafetySkills LMS

SafetySkills LMS Interactive training software

SafetySkills LMS is a training management system, that offers a dynamic environment that simplifies the entire training process. 

Adaptive learning technology, automated course assignments, comprehensive tracking, and advanced reporting tools, make managing training programs effortless. Additionally, SafetySkills LMS provides full flexibility for individual and group training sessions.

Best for: Construction, manufacturing, and healthcare companies, looking for online safety training vendors.

SafetySkills pros and cons

Pros Cons
Extensive course library Lack of pricing transparency
Adaptive learning technology Very few updates
Advanced reporting tools Not as many features as in other LMSs
User-friendly interface

Key features

  • Extensive course library: Customers gain access to over 1,000 online training courses created by industry experts.
  • Adaptive learning technology: This feature encourages active participation and ensures comprehensive understanding.
  • Advanced reporting tools: You can create and save custom reports with over 40 parameters + automated email reports.
  • Automated course management: It includes such features as courses auto-assigning and overview of course completions or overdue assignments.
Pricing: By quote

10. Connecteam

Connecteam Interactive Training Software

Connecteam is interactive HR management software with the ability to develop employees' professional skills through training courses, procedure manuals, product catalogs, and surveys. 

By integrating mobile-friendly design, real-time communication tools, and comprehensive analytics, Connecteam empowers businesses to foster a well-trained and knowledgeable workforce.

Best for: Small & mid-organizations, that are looking for an all-in-one HR system with time tracking, employee management & mobile-first upskilling, onboarding & compliance capabilities.

Connecteam pros and cons

Pros Cons
Robust time tracking features Occasional application lags
All-in-one employee management Limited admin customization features
Certification tracking Unlocking all features can be expensive
Lack of extensive reporting customization

Key Connecteam features

  • Slack-like chat: With this feature, you can greatly enhance interaction & knowledge sharing among the team members.
  • Rewards and recognition: The features allow managers and HR leaders to reward their employees through ‘tokens’ that can then be converted to gift cards.
  • Knowledge centers: You can create and maintain interactive knowledge repositories for easy access to important information and resources.
  • Interactive learning elements: They allow you to incorporate quizzes, surveys, and assessments, as well as gamification features.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: You can generate detailed reports and monitor employee performance to identify areas for improvement.
Pricing: Basic Plan — $47/m; Advanced Plan — $95/m; Expert Plan — $191/m.

So let’s sum up all the best interactive training solutions in the brief table.

PlatformUse CasesBest ForPrice
EducateMeCorporate training, task management, real-time collaborationLarge corporations, startups, mid-sized agencies$100-$1250/month
SC Training (EdApp)Mobile-first microlearning, gamification, multilingual supportSmall organizations, microlearning programsFree - $5 per learner/month
360LearningTeam-based learning, mobile-first learning, gamificationBusinesses and enterprises$8/user/month, custom price
LearningPoolSocial and experiential learning, corporate trainingConstruction, hospitality, manufacturing & retail companiesBy quote
HSIEHS management, compliance training, scenario-based trainingHealthcare, manufacturing companies$4,500/year + additional
UserlaneDigital adoption, software training, real-time guidanceMid to large sized organizationsCustomizable pricing
NewiredOnboarding, continuous training, software adoptionEnterprises, private/public companies, software vendorsBy quote
TrivieCompliance training, upskilling, personalized learningSmall/medium-sized businesses$499-$1499/month
SafetySkills LMSOnline safety training, compliance training, adaptive learningConstruction, manufacturing, healthcare companiesBy quote
ConnecteamHR management, employee training, mobile-first upskillingSmall & mid-sized organizations$47-$191/month


To fully appreciate the benefits of an interactive learning system, it is important to ensure good conditions for interaction. Ideally, the solution should be a learning platform where tools for remote communication, testing, and motivation are collected in one place.

As one of the top choices for interactive learning, we highly recommend giving EducateMe a try. With EducateMe, setting up interactive training sessions is quick and easy, thanks to its automation features. Curious to see how it works?

Try 14-day free trial and experience it for yourself.

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