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s we approach the year 2024, Eduflow users and those who had plans to utilize it find themselves at a crossroads, faced with a pivotal decision. Eduflow, a platform that has been a reliable companion in education technology, is undergoing significant changes, leading all of its loyal clients to seek new horizons.

In the following article, we will embark on a comprehensive Eduflow vs Mighty Networks comparison. We will examine their overviews, key features, prices, and reviews to assist you in making an informed decision about your future in online education.

What's the difference between Eduflow and Mighty Networks?

We suggest beginning the Eduflow vs Mighty Networks review with the missions of these two companies. Once you've grasped them, you'll already be able to discern the distinction between their products.

The Eduflow team sees its product mission as “We strive to create experiences that promote more engaging, intimate, and social ways of learning.” 

On the other hand, Mighty Network’s primary company mission is “We want to unlock a new breed of culture creators and millions of unique, vibrant communities

Absolutely, the key distinction between these tools lies in their user focus. Mighty Networks caters to individuals who create educational content within their community, whereas Eduflow is designed for those who build a community around their educational programs.

Mighty Networks vs Eduflow Overview

Eduflow Overview Image
Pros Cons
✔️ Intuitive and easy-to-figure-out user interface
✔️ Accessibility across international settings
✔️ High-level course creators support
✔️ Good integration capabilities
✔️ Effective peer review functionality
➖ Difficult to read the data in reports
➖ High price per user
➖ Hard to make the whole course design in brand style
Mighty Networks Image
Pros Cons
✔️ AI-based tool that allows quick development of content
✔️ Smooth onboarding process
✔️ Cool interactive polls
✔️ Android and IOS mobile apps
➖ Inability to handle API
➖ Limited in scope and hardly-customizable analytics dashboard
➖ A lot of things that don't work, bugs, and glitches

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: key features comparison 

Before we jump into comparing features, that will help you to choose Eduflow or Mighty Networks, it's important to consider a key indicator: the frequency of product updates.

Mighty Networks typically releases 3-5 product updates per month, with the most recent update being on August 21, 2023. This latest update introduced features such as 

  • the capability for hosts to move members between pricing plans; 
  • new income details in Mighty Insights;
  • the ability to include images and videos in quiz questions (on the mobile version); 
  • bug fixes.

In contrast, Eduflow has recently slowed down its pace of introducing new features. The last update occurred on May 5, 2023, and included the feature that allows instructors to expand a PDF attachment, making it viewable within an activity without requiring a download. 

It seems that the pace of product improvement may have slowed after the company's acquisition by Multiverse.

So let's jump to Eduflow and Mighty Networks features comparison.

#1. Custom design & Course development

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Custom design & Course development

When you create a course with Mighty Networks, the design of your Space is automatically applied. Unfortunately, there's no option to customize the course separately from the Space. Customization features encompass base color settings, header color, button and tab colors, text links, and action logo colors. 

On the other hand, Eduflow provides the following array of course design customizations: you can add a favicon and logo, alter the primary color scheme of the interface, choose your preferred font, and make adjustments to the border-radius.

#2. Drip schedule content

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Drip schedule content

When we explore this feature, both online course platforms offer similar capabilities. Both Eduflow and Mighty Networks allow you to establish prerequisite activities that learners need to finish before unlocking the next task, and you can schedule when this task becomes available to students. 

Eduflow also provides the option to set a deadline for lesson completion. In contrast, Mighty Networks offers Completion Options, which include the following choices: members must visit the lesson to complete it, members must click the 'Mark as Completed' button, or members must watch a tracked video.

#3. Mobile app

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Mobile app

Mighty Networks boasts native iOS and Android apps, which they claim are utilized by 65% of their user base. You can easily download these apps directly from the App Store or Google Play Store by simply searching for 'Mighty Networks.' Currently, the app has surpassed one million downloads on the Google Play Store, and it maintains an impressive average rating of 4.6 from approximately 9.53K users.

Eduflow also offers mobile learning, enabling you to create and manage courses, as well as facilitate peer reviews. However, it's worth noting that this application isn't available in online stores, making it a bit challenging to assess.

#4. Certificates

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Certificates Image

The certificate feature plays a pivotal role and serves as a motivating factor for sustained engagement and acts as validation for the knowledge and skills they've acquired. It's important to note that this feature is currently to Eduflow.

#5. Interactive content

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Interactive content

Eduflow offers a broader range of engagement tools within its course builder. These encompass polls, self-assessments, group formation, scoring, certificates, discussions, and checklists, all of which play a substantial role in enhancing the overall learning experience for students.

Mighty Networks enables you to create engaging interactive polls in various formats such as questions, multiple choice, hot-cold, and percentage. Additionally, you can conduct live sessions and upload images, videos, and GIFs.

#6. Automated reports

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Automated reports

With Mighty Insights, which is available with Business Plan and Mighty Pro Plans, you gain access to data through multiple dashboards. It covers a wide range of business aspects, including an overview, community members, live streams, direct messages, plans, income details, storage, and a glossary. 

Eduflow's analytics assess student performance and gauge the effectiveness of live classes and instructors. This empowers educators to not only gather insights into student achievements and track learning progress but also evaluate the course's overall effectiveness. 

#7. Integrations

Eduflow vs Mighty Networks: Integrations

Eduflow already provides a diverse selection of 27 pre-built integrations and offers access to a substantial array of integrations through Zapier.

In contrast, Mighty Networks has relatively limited integration options with external tools and services. The only built-in integration is Zoom, although you can also integrate additional apps through Zapier and use single sign-on (SSO).

💡Highlight: If an organization requires more extensive integration capabilities across multiple platforms, it might be needed to explore Mighty Networks alternatives.

Mighty Networks and Eduflow Pricing

When analyzing the pricing models of Eduflow and Mighty Networks, it's crucial to examine the differences that distinguish them. Let's delve into the fundamental variations in the pricing approaches of these two learning management systems.

Mighty Networks and Eduflow Pricing

The Eduflow pricing model is based on the number of active users, which includes students, administrators, and course leaders, involved in your learning process. An additional charge for extra users varies between $1 and $3 depending on your selected plan.

Mighty Networks offers 14 day free trial and pricing options that span from $33 to $119 per month (Mighty Pro plans have individual pricing). All plans provide for an unlimited number of users, hosts, and moderators, but the capability to create unlimited courses is exclusively available in the Business and Mighty Pro plans ($119+).

Let's dive into practical real cases and explore the feature sets encompassed within each choice.

Case #1: Cohort-Based Learning "One-Man Band" 

Let's figure out the expenses for a small educational institution running two active groups, totaling 54 active users (50 students, 2 teachers, and 2 assistants). 

If you choose to use Eduflow to meet your requirements, you'd select the 'Lite' plan, which is priced at $49 per month and includes 50 active users. There's an additional charge of $3 for each extra user. Given that we have 4 extra users, this will result in a cost of $12. So, the total expense would be $49 + $12, totaling $62.

To create a cohort-based course in Mighty Networks, you'll need to acquire a 'Business' plan, priced at $119 + $10 fees. It's important to note that the cost remains the same regardless of the number of participants in the course.

With a $67 price differential, what are the distinctions in features?

Feature Eduflow 'Lite' Mighty Networks 'Business'
Dynamic setup & AI features ✔️
Analytics & Dashboards ✔️
SCORM Import ✔️
Bulk submission export ✔️ ✔️
Integrations via Zapier ✔️
Custom domain ✔️

Case #2: Middle Collaborative Learning Academy

Now let's estimate the monthly cost for a middle-size academy with 324 active users (12 active groups, each comprising 25 students, 1 teacher, and 1 administrator.)

If you opt to use Eduflow, you would select the 'Super' plan, which is priced at $399 / month. This plan includes 250 active users, with an additional charge of $2 for each extra user. Taking into account the 74 additional users, this would result in an additional cost of $148. So, the total cost would be $399 + $148, totaling $547.

For the same number of active users, using Mighty Networks you would still need a 'Business' plan, that costs $119 + $10 fees.

A substantial difference of $418! Let's delve into the small feature comparison.

Feature Eduflow 'Super' Mighty Networks 'Business'
Dynamic setup & AI features ✔️
SCORM Import ✔️
Bulk submission export ✔️
Peer reviews ✔️
API integrations ✔️
Brand-free certificates ✔️
Course logs ✔️
Total Storage 300GB 1 TB
Subsetting ✔️
💡Highlight: The substantial price gap is outweighed by situations where the investment in Eduflow proves its value. Eduflow is a collaborative and cohort-based learning solution, distinctly excelling in learner engagement and operational efficiency compared to Mighty Networks.   

What People Are Saying

Now it's time to analyze what customers have to say for a deeper understanding of each platform!

Eduflow Review

Eduflow Review
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Mighty Networks Review

Mighty Networks Review
Mighty Networks User Reviews

The Final Thought

Therefore, the key differentiation between these two platforms lies in the fact that Eduflow presents itself as an optimal choice for:

  • medium and large enterprises seeking corporate training solutions;
  • higher education establishments;
  • specialized academies with an emphasis on collaborative and cohort-centered learning approaches. 

On the other hand, Mighty Networks would be a better fit for: 

  • different kinds of community creators and influencers;
  • academies that specialize in community-based learning. 

This tool can be a part of a cohort-based learning solution, but unfortunately, it can't replace a full-fledged cohort learning platform. 

So, which product could serve as a substitute for Eduflow, considering the clear distinctions apparent when comparing it to Mighty Networks?

Currently, the most promising Eduflow alternatives within the market, especially suitable for medium and large-sized educational institutions focusing on collaborative and cohort-oriented learning, is EducateMe. This online course platform offers a comparable set of features and distinguishes itself by presenting a more budget-conscious pricing structure.

You can EducateMe capabilities with a free trial. For further insights, don't hesitate to arrange a 20-minute demonstration to uncover how this tool harmonizes with your business needs.

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