Modern distance corporate learning platforms play a crucial role in enabling organizations to efficiently train and certify employees, no matter where they are situated – whether it's in New York or Beijing, seated at a computer in an office chair or equipped with a tablet on an airplane.

While perusing the descriptions on various websites, it may seem that all corporate learning management systems are quite similar, offering a straightforward interface, essential features, and competitive pricing. However, once you start delving into the nitty-gritty of each LMS by 'pressing the buttons,' it becomes evident that they are, in fact, quite distinct from one another.

Selecting the right corporate LMS for your business entails a critical initial step – defining your specific objectives for implementing the system. Equally important is establishing a clear understanding of who will be using the corporate training platform, where they will be, and how they will engage with it.

Once these considerations are in place, you can proceed to find the best LMS for corporate training, with the dedicated support of our education experts to guide you through the process 😎

5 Best Corporate Learning Management Systems In 2024

The Rundown

  • Best Overall LMS For Business: EducateMe. “EducateMe has consistently proven itself as the ultimate choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive and well-rounded LMS solution.”
  • Best Budget-Friendly: Moodle Workplace.An open-source learning platform that offers a free core version, making it budget-friendly.” 
  • Best Enterprise-Grade: Absorb LMS. It is known for its enterprise-level capabilities, scalability, and integration options.”
  • Best Corporate LMS for Small Business: TalentLMS.It is user-friendly and cost-effective, making it a great choice for small businesses.” 
  • Best Blended Learning: 360 Learning. “Corporate training LMS that is crafted to provide personalized learning experiences powered by AI for employees, customers, and partners.”

#1. Best LMS For Corporate Training Overall: EducateMe

EducateMe Corporate LMS

Short Company Story: An EducateMe story began with a young student, full of hopes and dreams for a better future. However, the disappointments of the current educational system forced him to explore alternatives. 

Fueled by the belief that the education system should change, Roman Shauk founded EducateMe to make a difference, and together with his team, continue on this mission to transform education for the better.

Roman Shauk CEO at EducateMe About Corporate Training

Year Of Founded: 2020

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

EducateMe excels as the ultimate LMS for a wide range of corporate training, including employee onboarding, upskilling, extended enterprise, and customer training. With its user-friendly and highly-customized design, EducateMe allows users to swiftly set up and launch their courses within a matter of hours.

Main Capabilities: 

  • Engagement Learning: The platform encompasses all the essential tools to blend cohort and self-paced learning seamlessly: peer-to-peer discussions, personalized feedback tools, a built-in messenger, instructor reviews, live session hosting, notifications, quizzes, and more.
  • Assignment Management: Managing assignments becomes more effortless and seamless, thanks to features like deadline management, group assignments, progress tracking, data-driven insights, individual file management, and real-time status updates, among others.
  • Automation: Automated reporting, streamlined assignment management, live session scheduling, drag-and-drop course creation, and AI-powered recommendations – all of these tools assist in prioritizing your primary goal: enhancing the skills and professional knowledge of your employees.
  • Data-Based Learning: Enhance the allure of your courses, boost learner engagement to the fullest, and attain outstanding results by harnessing the power of the progress tracker, automated reporting, individual learner statistics, feedback management, and a focused calendar.
  • Integration Capabilities: A wide variety of integrations that help make the educational process more efficient and enjoyable.

Price: $2.5/active user, with a minimum commitment of $100 for 40 active learners. Large enterprises have the option of a Custom Enterprise Plan, which is discussed individually.

Thanks to its many use cases and opportunity to blend cohort-based and self-paced learning, EducateMe can easily fit with the learning needs of most organizations, be they large corporations, startups, or mid-sized agencies.

#2. Best Budget-Friendly: Moodle Workplace

Best Budget-Friendly Corporate Training LMS: Moodle Workplace

Short Company Story: In the 1970s, Martin Dougiamas, the Founder and CEO of Moodle, lived nearly 1000 kilometers from the nearest school in a remote part of the Western Australian desert. He was registered into the School of Air, where learning was delivered through shortwave radio, as computers were not yet household items. This experience inspired Martin's vision to use the Internet to revolutionize education by breaking free from traditional classrooms and making quality education accessible worldwide.

Martin Dougiamas, CEO at Moodle Quote About Education

Year Of Founded: 2002

Location: Perth, Australia

Moodle Workplace is a corporate training platform that extends the functionality of the Moodle LMS to cater specifically to the needs of businesses and organizations. It offers features and tools for efficient employee training, compliance tracking, and integration with corporate systems.

Main Capabilities:

  • Seamless UX/UI: It enables the integration of text documents, presentations, and videos into a unified training program, accessible to all participants or tailored to specific teams.
  • Testing: To uphold the integrity of assessments, Moodle features a built-in test editor, boasting 15 task types, from single-answer selection to object manipulation. Time constraints and attempt limits are at your disposal, ensuring a secure testing environment.
  • Forum and Comments: Employees can seek guidance, pose questions, or engage in discussions under course sections or within the integrated forum, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Knowledge Base: This repository offers a vast collection of materials, available 24/7. Employees can access reports, video lessons, or articles at their convenience, enhancing their learning experience.
  • Mobile Learning: This application empowers users to access courses and complete assessments from their tablets or smartphones, accommodating their flexible schedules.
  • Training Statistics: These insights include metrics like course completion times, test performance, and individual learning preferences, granting trainers an invaluable understanding of their team's learning journey.

Price: There's a wide array of plans available, ranging from as low as $120/year for 50 users with 250 MB storage to $1,710/year for 1,000 users with 5 GB storage. Additionally, there's a customizable plan that offers an extended range of capabilities.

Moodle is the preferred option for cost-conscious organizations. This corporate LMS is well-suited for smaller companies, as it may not operate efficiently within larger businesses. It's essential to note that you'll require an in-house developer to handle the implementation and configuration of the system, which can be a time-consuming process.

#3. Best Enterprise-Grade: Docebo

Best Enterprise-Grade Corporate Training LMS: Docebo

Short Company Story:  In 2005, in the picturesque town of Macherio, Italy, a visionary named Claudio Erba turned his dream into a reality. Fueled by a passion for creating learning technology that would truly make a difference, he laid the foundation for Docebo LMS.

Claudio Erba CEO at Docebo Quote About Education

Year Of Founded: 2003

Location: Calgary, AB, USA

Docebo is an LMS for corporate training, designed to streamline learning and development initiatives for businesses. It offers a range of features such as AI-powered recommendations, reporting, and integration capabilities to enhance corporate training and empower organizations in delivering effective learning experiences.

Main Capabilities:

  • Automation: A powerful capability that empowers super admins to set predefined rules that this LMS system for business automatically triggers when specific conditions are fulfilled.
  • Out-of-the-Box Integrations: There are many types of integrations, and each is meant to serve a different business function based on your particular online corporate training use case.
  • Enrollment Policies: Establish automatic enrollment policies for courses that align with your specific criteria and requirements, ensuring a streamlined and efficient learning experience. With this feature, you can effortlessly manage course enrollments to optimize your training programs.
  • Gamification: Through this feature, administrators have the ability to craft badges and essentially awards, which learners can earn for accomplishing various milestones. The attainment of these badges contributes to the establishment of a user ranking system.
  • Advanced Reporting: You can measure the impact of learning programs with robust insights and intelligence functionality, so you can prove the ROI against critical business outcomes. 

Price: Start from $25.000/year. You can gauge the value of Docebo for your company by using their ROI Estimator tool

This platform is an ideal fit for large enterprises and corporations. Its AI capabilities, diverse automation features, and the capacity to set specific rules make it well-equipped to manage growing workloads effortlessly. Beware: many of the additional features may come with extra costs, and at times, customer support may not be as responsive as desired.

#4. Best LMS for Small Business: TalentLMS

Best Corporate Training LMS for Small Business: TalentLMS

Short Company Story: The co-founders, Thanos Papangelis and Dimitris Tsingos initial venture involved creating an online school to support Greek high school graduates preparing for university entrance exams, which they named eFront. 

However, faced with numerous obstacles and setbacks, they made a significant decision in 2012 to alter their course, leading to a company restructuring with an international focus. While retaining their initial product, they opted to pivot toward a different target audience – small and medium-sized companies in the global market seeking to provide training for their employees.

 Thanos Papangelis CEO at TalentLMS Quote About Education

Year Of Founded: 2012

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

TalentLMS is a top LMS for small businesses engaged in corporate training. It provides a user-friendly and cost-effective platform with features like customizable training modules, reporting tools, and the flexibility to scale as a business grows. It makes this LMS an ideal choice for small companies aiming to deliver efficient corporate training programs.

Main Capabilities: 

  • Assessments Engine. This feature enables the creation of a range of tests, including options for multiple-choice, drag-and-drop matching, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions.
  • Certifications. You can tailor your own certificates, with or without expiration dates, and utilize automated recertification for ongoing compliance.
  • Reporting. You can gain comprehensive insights into account activity, with a chronological timeline to track system actions and a report builder for in-depth analysis.
  • User Types. This feature allows you to effortlessly customize roles and permissions for various users, ensuring that each user has access only to the information they require.
  • Security. This feature includes secure communication channels, the capability to enforce robust password policies, the option to add watermarks to videos, and additional protective measures.

Price: Vary from $69/month for the Starter Plan to $459/month for the Premium one. 

TalentLMS is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses seeking an easy-to-use platform for employee training. However, if you need a highly customized solution or if you own a highly regulated business, it might be wiser to explore other options.

#5. Best Blended Learning: 360 Learning

Best Corporate Training Blended Learning: 360 Learning

Short Company Story: 360Learning's story began with CEO Nick Hernandez’s firm belief in accessible learning, particularly in the corporate context. Frustrated with the old-fashioned, top-down approach to learning and development, Nick founded 360Learning, a collaborative LMS that has become a leader in the French market.

Nick Hernandez CEO At 350Learning About Education

Year Of Founded: 2013

Location: New York, USA

360Learning excels in offering a comprehensive platform that combines online and offline training methods, enabling companies to create dynamic and engaging blended learning experiences. With its extensive features, interactive content creation, and analytics, 360Learning is a top choice for businesses seeking an effective and versatile solution for corporate training.

Main Capabilities: 

  • Authoring Tool Feature: Users can create personalized courses that streamline the learning process through the authoring tool. 360Learning offers an array of options, including pre-made course templates, cheat sheets, and video recordings.
  • Knowledge Check Feature: Over a dozen options you can employ to create a “knowledge check”, including true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, video evaluation, pick a point, etc.
  • Collaborative Editing Feature: This opportunity for everyone to have a say in formulating courses and learning processes thanks to the following tools – co-authors, internal comments, relevance score, etc.
  • Mobile Learning:  A mobile application that allows you to complete training even in Offline Mode.

Price: Team Plan - $8/registered user per month (up to 100 users) and Business Plan - custom price.

It is a suitable choice for companies seeking a blended and collaborative LMS that empowers employees to create and share training content. However, it may not be the best fit for large enterprises with highly complex compliance and reporting requirements, as it may lack some advanced features and scalability.

The Final Thought

Due to its young age, EducateMe stands out as the dynamic front-runner, evolving swiftly and effortlessly. Its agility sets it apart, allowing for more agile adjustments. 

Just as the seasoned market incumbents have outshone their predecessors, EducateMe is ready to carry the torch of knowledge like an Olympian flame, lighting the corporate learning path forward.

Try this powerful software now and revolutionize your corporate training programs with a wide range of tools. Don't miss the opportunity to empower your employees and unlock the potential of your workforce today!

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October 23, 2023
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