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id you know that students used on average 143 educational technology tools between 2021 and 2022? It is what recent research tells us, highlighting the increasing application of technology in classrooms and at home. And yes, for educators, this is a sign telling that they should choose the right tools for the tutoring process to remain efficient. 

Fortunately, modern EdTech tools can provide a much-needed second wind and bring lesson plans to the next level.

Read on to learn more about the best EdTech tools you should use today and how they can add to the learning or your learning organization.

What are EdTech Tools? Definition and Examples

EdTech Tool is concerned with the software or platform that aims to offer or contribute to learning and offer students, teachers, and instructors better opportunities in regard to knowledge management, retention, or delivery.

One example of how EdTech tools can help instructors is by switching up boring lectures to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. By using platforms like Kahoot! or Mentimeter, educators can create quizzes and polls that students can answer in real time using their devices. 

This not only makes the learning process more fun and engaging but also allows educators to get instant feedback on student comprehension.

Interesting fact. The market size of Corporate EdTech is $27.5 billion, whereas the whole industry is worth $340 billion.

Besides, educational technology tools like Nearpod or Edpuzzle can help instructors create immersive learning experiences by incorporating multimedia elements like videos, images, and interactive activities. The approach can be especially helpful in subjects where visual aids can make complex concepts more accessible to students.

Instead of wasting time with outdated technologies, instructors can try out innovative EdTech platforms that are guaranteed to make the classroom experience truly engaging.

EducateMe: Fostering Cohort Learning with an All-in-One Edtech Tool

EducateMe is one of the best EdTech tools offering powerful collaboration and management tools to create learning courses. Being a fast-growing EdTech startup, it offers an innovative platform for education institutions and corporate organizations to build effective online learning infrastructure.  

Thanks to diverse and flexible tools and features, EducateMe makes the learning process easy and enjoyable for learners and instructors.

Key Cases Services of this Edtech Tool

Cohort based learning

This EdTech tool supports the cohort-based learning model to provide high-quality education for learners on its platform. The learning model involves small groups or ‘cohorts’ of learners studying together under the guidance of expert instructors who provide personalized instruction tailored to their individual needs. 

This approach allows each student in the cohort ample opportunity for personal feedback and peer collaboration which further drives understanding and establishes meaningful relationships. The ultimate goal of EducateMe’s cohort-based learning is to produce highly skilled young people, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals with updated skill sets, etc.

Corporate training

EducateMe EdTech platform offers advanced options for corporate training solutions. The platform has all it takes to ensure corporate organizations get the most out of their staff while staying up to date with industry trends and compliance regulations. Through innovative training tools like virtual classrooms, assessments, interactive presentations, analytics, etc., employees get engaged in a motivating learning environment for better knowledge retention rates.

Community-based learning

EducateMe platform provides a comprehensive community-based learning environment that allows course participants to gain diverse skills. The platform fosters collaborative and interactive spaces where members can collaborate and exchange ideas around course content.

The learning environment EducateMe offers is designed to encourage active participation between instructors and learners, which ensures questions are answered through collective thinking or problem-solving methods.

LMS for Bootcamps

EducateMe LMS is an ideal solution for running bootcamps as it provides a user-friendly interface to create and manage courses, classes, and bootcamp content. EducateMe allows bootcamp course creators to quickly create tailored curriculums with differentiated lessons created all in one portal. Instructors can easily upload lecture notes, assign homework tasks via quizzes and tests, deliver live lectures, and effectively track the progress of every student.

Tutero: Supporting Personalized Tutoring for Math Instructors 

Tutero is one of the top educational technology platforms. This Australian EdTech tool offers educators a suite of products to help plan their teaching using student knowledge data.

Key Services of this EdTech tool:

Diagnostic Testing Software

The diagnostic testing software is designed for math teachers. With this Edtech tool, educators can create tailored lesson plans, increase student engagement, and save hours of planning each week by using learning data. The software also allows instructors to visualize knowledge across the classroom and measure the understanding of the class for each skill and topic.

By tracking progress against the term platform, instructors can watch as their class progresses against their objectives. Tutero is unique in that it suggests teaching pathways to allow educators to fill knowledge gaps and teach topics in the optimal order. Moreover, access to over 20,000 skill-aligned questions is available in the tutor's digital classroom for every skill that the class is learning.

To help teachers access an excellent EdTech tool without the need for payment, Tutero's diagnostic testing solution is available for free, with no credit card required. In addition, if a student is behind the class, they can use a personalized learning program to catch up to their peers.

Personalized Learning

Tutero's personalized learning helps students overcome their barriers by identifying specific knowledge gaps and creating personalized learning programs to fill them efficiently. This feature is available for free, as Tutero believes that teachers should not have to pay to access quality software.

If a student is struggling to keep up with the class, Tutero's Individual Support can help them catch up with their peers. By providing a diagnostic testing solution for free, this EdTech tool ensures that teachers can access excellent software without needing a credit card.

To access Tutero's Individual Support and other features, maths teachers who are passionate about EdTech can request early access to the platform. As for how Tutero makes money, that information is not provided, but interested teachers can request early access to find out more.

BYJU's Learning: Offers Interactive Programs for K12


BYJU’s is one of India’s best edtech tools and online tutoring companies that provides comprehensive learning experiences for students across various age groups. 

The company’s flagship product “BYJU’S Learning App" provides access to videos delivered with interactive visuals and personalized guidance through its adaptive test technologies. BYJU stands out in the EdTech industry, with a valuation of $22 billion.

Key Services of this Edtech Platform

  • An integrated learning program.
  • Live classes and personalized feedback from mentors.
  • Detailed analytics on student progress.
  • Tests aligned with various local and international curriculum boards such as CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE, etc.

Codecademy: Helping Professionals Learn Technical Skills

Codecademy, one of the best educational technology tools, is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and Sass. 

Codecademy lessons are broken into bite-sized chunks of information, which range from beginner to advanced topics. A user can complete tasks independently or enlist the help of instructors via video chat and message boards for a more personalized learning experience.

Key Services of this EdTech Tool

  • Interactive Coding Tutorials: Codecademy provides free, easy-to-follow tutorials that teach users the basics of programming in different languages like HTML & CSS, Java, Python, and JavaScript.
  • CodeCasts: Video lessons on various topics related to coding where experienced developers show their own code while sharing best practices used by industry professionals.
  • Pro Intensive Courses: In-depth programs built with experts from leading companies such as Google or IBM that enable learners to build applications end-to-end.
  • Data Science Pathways: A comprehensive learning solution for teaching core data science concepts taking into consideration specific job roles like “Data Scientist” or “Machine Learning Engineer”.

Y Combinator: Bringing Together CEOs to Solve Startup Challenges

Y Combinator is an accelerator that targets startuppers. During the Y Combinator program, startups go through a 3-month period from January to March or from June to August. 

The overall goal of YC is to help startups launch successfully, regardless of their current stage. Startups at any stage can benefit from the intensity of YC, which describes the atmosphere of a startup all the time for 3 months. With everyone around you wanting to help your startup succeed, it's hard not to feel motivated. The 11 weeks leading up to Demo Day are the most productive period for many founders. 

After the 3-month cycle, YC continues, and the alumni community becomes an increasingly valuable resource. The right conditions can bring out the best in people, and most people have more potential than they realize.

Key Services of this EdTech Platform

YC Growth Program

The YC Growth Program caters to founder-CEOs who oversee fast-growing companies that are nearing 50 employees. Its main objective is to tackle the common issues that startups encounter when expanding, while also creating opportunities for founders to network with peers who share similar hurdles. The program is operated by the YC Continuity team and requires a brief application process. Participation is complimentary, with founders only investing their time. Three sessions are available each year, and the application becomes accessible a few months before each scheduled batch.

Co-founder Matching

YC provides an online platform that is free of charge and specifically designed for entrepreneurs seeking a top-tier co-founder. The platform allows users to identify potential co-founders based on their preferences, such as interests, abilities, and location, and begin working collaboratively to establish their company. This is the largest co-founder matching platform available, with thousands of co-founders awaiting partnerships, and over 100,000 matches to date. YC guarantees only high-quality matches by pre-screening all of its founders. Signing up and logging in grants users access to this platform where they can discover the best-suited candidate to meet their specific requirements.

PrepAI: Helping Educational Institutes to Create Tests and Exams

PrepAI is an advanced AI solution that allows educators and trainers to create higher-order questions from any content instantly. With PrepAI, you can generate complex questions that require the ability to think critically and use reasoning skills. The best part is that it's completely free to use.

Key Services of this EdTech Tool

Bloom’s Taxonomy Concept

PrepAI incorporates Bloom's Taxonomy concepts to create questions that require higher-order thinking. Bloom's Taxonomy is a hierarchical classification method used to segregate the candidates' learning objectives as per complexity and specificity. 

It helps better evaluate the candidates' understanding of the subject and facilitates effective learning. The AI model used by PrepAI has been trained according to Bloom's Taxonomy theories, enabling it to generate questions that require higher-order thinking.

Dashboard for questions

With the PrepAI HOTS Dashboard, you can create questions that challenge your learners and improve their critical thinking and reasoning skills. So, if you want to create smarter questions and facilitate more effective learning, PrepAI is the tool for you.

Beautiful ai: Cloud-Based Platform For Presentations and Infographics

By leveraging AI and ML algorithms, users of the cloud-based platform Beautiful AI can design and publish documents, presentations, and infographics with a polished, expert appearance. 

It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that streamlines the process of inserting and rearranging text, images, charts, and other design elements. 

This EdTech tool also provides a collection of premade layouts, graphics, and templates that can be modified to suit the needs of individual designers.

The intelligent assistant, Beautiful AI, analyzes the user's content and makes design suggestions based on its findings, such as adjusting the size and style of fonts, resizing and repositioning images, and recommending color schemes. 

Its simplicity means anyone, from design novices to seasoned professionals, can use it effectively. With little to no training in design or coding required, the EdTech platform shortens the time and effort required to make visually appealing documents and presentations for learning. 

In sum, Beautiful AI is a robust and intuitive system that facilitates the production of high-quality designs for many applications.

Meltwater ai in Marketing

For those interested in keeping tabs on the news and social media for their educational organization, Meltwater is the software company to turn to. One of Meltwater's offerings, Meltwater AI, is an AI platform for mining massive amounts of data on the web for actionable insights.

Information gleaned from news articles, social media posts, and customer feedback is just some of the text data that Meltwater AI analyzes with the help of NLP and ML algorithms. The software can spot trends, keep tabs on a company's image, and offer valuable information for decision-making. More than just the marketing, public relations, and customer service industries can benefit from Meltwater AI.

Workday: Administrative Resource Tool

Workday is a human resource management system designed especially for large businesses and hosted in the cloud. 

It offers a full range of human resources services, such as hiring and training new employees, managing employee performance, keeping track of payroll, and managing benefits. 

Recruiters can post jobs, organize applications, and keep in touch with candidates all from within the Workday talent acquisition module. 

Background checks, offer letter creation, and candidate pipeline management are just some of the features available on this platform. 

The onboarding feature in Workday is a helpful tool for human resources departments. It allows them to create individualized plans for new hires, monitor their progress as they carry out those plans, and quickly and easily grant them access to the appropriate internal systems and resources.

With Workday's performance management module, managers and HR professionals can help employees grow and develop by setting goals, evaluating performance, giving feedback, and coaching workers. 

Payroll and benefits administration modules are also available on the platform, allowing for the management of payroll processing, benefits enrollment, and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Workday is a powerful and all-inclusive HRIS system made for enterprises. It handles everything from hiring new employees to processing payroll and managing employee benefits.

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