Web Development Basic Course

Coding, Basics
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Course overview

Are you a course creator looking to empower learners with a strong foundation in web development? Look no further! Our "Web Development Basic: HTML, CSS, JavaScript Mastery" template provides you with a comprehensive framework to craft an engaging and effective course that covers the essentials of web development.

Why Choose Web Development Basic Template for Your Course?

🌐 Foundational Learning Paths:

This template is designed to offer learners a structured and in-depth understanding of web development basics. From HTML to CSS and JavaScript, each module builds on the last, providing a gradual progression in complexity and ensuring a solid foundation for future learning.

🎥 Engaging Multimedia Content:

Enhance the learning experience with a blend of written content and video lessons. Video modules covering HTML Best Practices, Advanced CSS Techniques, and JavaScript Frameworks bring concepts to life, keeping learners engaged and motivated throughout the course.

📂 Organized Module Structure:

The course is organized into distinct modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of web development. From the building blocks of HTML to the styling power of CSS and the interactivity of JavaScript, guide learners through a logical and cohesive learning journey.

🌟 Best Practices and Advanced Techniques:

Immerse your learners in the best practices of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Cover HTML semantics for better document structure, delve into CSS Grid for responsive layouts, and explore advanced JavaScript techniques. Equip your audience with skills that go beyond the basics.

Course syllabus

3 modules | 3 webinars | 9 lessons

📂 Introduction to HTML
📂 HTML Forms
📂 HTML Semantics
🎥 HTML Best Practices

Introduction to CSS

📂 Introduction to CSS
📂 CSS Selectors
📂 CSS Grid
🎥 Advanced CSS Techniques


📂 Introduction to JavaScript
📂 DOM Manipulation
📂 Event Handling
🎥 JavaScript Frameworks

A course covering web development fundamentals, including HTML for structure, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interactivity, are highly popular
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