Google analytics for beginners

Analytics, cohort-based
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Course overview

Welcome to "Google Analytics for Beginners," a comprehensive cohort-based learning experience tailored specifically for beginners in the digital marketing realm.

This course is designed to demystify the world of Google Analytics, providing foundational knowledge and practical skills to kickstart your journey in leveraging data for informed decision-making.

Course syllabus

4 modules | 4 webinars | 13 lessons
Introduction to Google Analytics

📂 Getting Started with Google Analytics
📂 Understanding Google Analytics Interface
📂 Navigating Google Analytics Reports
📂 Setting Up Goals and Conversions
🎥 Q&A Session: Google Analytics Basics

Analyzing Website Traffic

📂 Traffic Sources and Channels
📂 Understanding User Behavior
📂 Analyzing Landing Pages
🎥 Q&A Session: Website Traffic Analysis

Tracking E-commerce Performance

📂 E-commerce Tracking Basics
📂 Measuring Sales and Conversions
📂 Analyzing Shopping Behavior
🎥 Q&A Session: E-commerce Tracking

Advanced Analytics Techniques

📂 Advanced Segmentation
📂 Customizing Dashboards and Reports
📂 Event Tracking and Measurement
🎥 Q&A Session: Advanced Analytics

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