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re you here because you're eager to expand your coaching business? Maybe you’ve heard about the effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and impactful outcomes of group coaching. Or perhaps you're unsure if it's the right fit for your business and want to explore more. Possibly you're seeking a group coaching program guide to kick-start your journey into group life coaching.

If this resonates with you, you're in the right place!

But before diving in, what exactly is group coaching, and why might it benefit you?

If you're curious about group coaching, we've got you covered. This guide will address these fundamental questions: 

  • What is group coaching?
  • What are the 5 main reasons to move from 1:1 coaching to group coaching? 
  • How do you structure a group business coaching program? 
  • How to create a group coaching program?
  • What steps are involved in creating your first online group coaching program? 

Let's explore how you can harness the potential of group coaching to deliver maximum value and results to your clients.

What is Group Coaching

Group coaching involves guiding a collective of individuals, typically ranging from several to several dozen, focusing on a specific theme or topic. It's a method utilized to address the shared needs of a group, such as fostering social connections, stimulating creativity and innovation, and collectively solving problems. 

This form of coaching is implemented within a single company or organization or can be offered as open sessions. The overarching themes may revolve around career transitions, professional growth, entrepreneurial development, or achieving a harmonious work-life balance.

5 Main Reasons to Move From 1:1 Coaching to Group Coaching

Reasons to Move From 1:1 Coaching to Group Coaching

#1. Enhanced Impact

Group coaching presents an opportunity to amplify your impact. Working with a larger clientele allows you to extend your support to more individuals, aiding them in successfully attaining their goals.

Moreover, navigating group dynamics sharpens your coaching skills, fostering a deeper understanding of how to effectively guide and motivate clients while gaining valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

#2. Value-Driven Approach

Clients benefit significantly from group coaching due to its superior value proposition. The cost of group coaching sessions can be up to 75% less than one-on-one coaching, yet the results achieved aren’t proportionately lower. Even if there's an argument for slightly better outcomes in individual coaching scenarios (a point I'm not entirely convinced of), the value proposition of group coaching remains consistently higher for clients.

#3. Scalable Progress

Reasons to Move From 1:1 Coaching to Group Coaching

Growth isn’t uniform; some expansions might incur higher expenses without elevating profitability. With group coaching, scalability aligns with productivity. Rather than hitting a growth limit dictated by operational capacity, this approach enables sustainable, scalable business development.

#4. Enriched Experience

Online group coaching environments foster a more enjoyable and interactive experience for both coaches and clients. The social and supportive setting not only enhances learning but also adds a layer of enjoyment. Interactions among clients and with the coach become more frequent, creating a diverse and lively atmosphere that enriches the coaching journey for everyone involved. 

#5. Optimal Results, Reduced Effort

Within a group coaching framework, achieving superior outcomes for multiple clients requires less individual effort from the coach. The synergy generated within a group fosters an environment where results are amplified collectively, allowing coaches to achieve more impactful outcomes without exhaustive individualized efforts.

Reasons to Move From 1:1 Coaching to Group Coaching

3 Models of Group Coaching Programs? 

Group coaching structures vary, offering diverse benefits to both coaches and participants. Here, we delve into three primary models:

  • The Cohort Model: best for department managers;
  • The Program Model: best for junior specialists or career switchers;
  • The Membership Model: best for middle and senior specialists.

1. The Cohort Model

Cohort Group Coaching Model

The cohort model is one of the most popular group coaching programs, that resembles a traditional classroom setup, with participants enrolling simultaneously and progressing together from a set start to finish date. Ideal for complex topics or pilot programs, the cohort coaching model ensures synchronized progress, fostering peer support and engagement.

Keys to Success

  • Detailed curriculum mapping is crucial for client sign-ups.
  • Encouraging diverse viewpoints among participants leads to rich discussions and a broader understanding of issues, enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Fostering a tight-knit community within the cohort cultivates a supportive environment where trust and collaboration thrive.

2. The Program Model

Program Group Coaching Model

Characterized by a defined duration but flexible enrollment, the program model allows clients to join at any time, experiencing content on a set schedule. Suitable for scaling proven programs, this group coaching model demands automation proficiency for content delivery.

Keys to Success

  • Scalable coaching methods through recorded webinars and automated messages are pivotal.
  • Value-based pricing requires careful benchmarking and early prospect engagement.
  • Learning from established examples aids in effective planning.

3. The Membership Model

Membership Group Coaching Model

The membership group coaching model, more complex in technical setup, offers ongoing evergreen programs accessible to clients at any time. Often employed as a post-primary offering, it aims to boost client lifetime value and scalability.

Keys to Success

  • Creating an exclusive community ambiance enhances retention.
  • Advanced planning of year-long experiences and added perks elevate member satisfaction.
  • Value-driven pricing for additional benefits ensures profitability.

Each group coaching model offers distinct advantages, catering to different business goals and client needs. Understanding these structures empowers coaches to craft tailored, impactful online group coaching experiences.

4 Steps to Set Up First Group Coaching Program 

Let's explore ​​the group coaching template and create our first program. We've outlined four straightforward steps to initiate your online group coaching. 

Begin by signing up or logging into your account and incorporating your coaching organization's branding.

Step #1. Set Up a Zoom account + schedule your group coaching online events

EducateMe platform allows you to seamlessly link your Zoom accounts in a straightforward process.

Set Up a Zoom account EducateMe

Connect your Zoom accounts via the 'Webinar Settings' page. There are no limitations on the number of accounts that can be connected.

This integration delivers several advantages:

  • Group coaching session recordings are automatically stored in the Files Library and linked to respective lesson materials.
  • Precise tracking of participant meeting durations enables the creation of comprehensive attendance reports.
  • Automated reminders and feedback emails are dispatched to all meeting attendees at scheduled intervals.
Schedule your group coaching online events EducateMe

With the drip scheduling feature, setting up your group coaching program becomes seamless. Schedule your lessons and webinars to release automatically, ensuring a consistent flow. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies planning, empowering you to manage it swiftly and effortlessly.

Additionally, you have access to the 'Schedule Automatically' feature, enabling you to utilize preset patterns for scheduling events.

Schedule Online Events Automatically EducateMe

Step #2. Create your coaching groups 

The calendar setup is complete, signaling the ideal moment to invite your students to the platform.

After creating and naming your coaching groups, you have 3 methods to add your learners:

  • Email invitations 
  • Shareable links 
  • Bulk upload using a CSV file 
Create your coaching groups EducateMe
💡 If you also have an administrator in your team, you can invite them to the platform too.
How to invite administrators EducateMe

Step #3. Launch dedicated coaching community

Group learners together to facilitate discussions on key aspects of the group coaching online program and enable seamless communication among them. Create your group coaching community by clicking the ‘Create channel’ button and engage your students in conversation around various topics of interest.

Launch dedicated coaching community EducateMe

Also, within the chat function, you can initiate calls with all participants by clicking the ‘Join Meeting’ button to catch up on any necessary questions.

Step #4. Analyze your success

Your group coaching program is officially ready and published, marking the perfect moment to delve into results analysis. The platform automatically provides comprehensive tracking of essential metrics.

Analyze your success EducateMe
  • Live Session Attendance: Keep tabs on group coaching session participation, including details on who joined and the timing of their engagement.
  • Learner Usage: Gain insights into students' activity duration and specific page interactions, with reports accessible in both cohort analytics and the Dashboard page.
  • Active Learner Overview: Identify engagement levels with three distinct categories:
  • Active Learner: Participants were active within the last 5 days.
  • Medium Activity: Those active more than 5 days ago, but less than 7 days ago.
  • Low Activity: Participants were active more than 7 days ago, with detailed reports available on the student management page of a batch.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Access detailed reports on visited meetings, and completed assignments, providing valuable data in the participants' details section.

Final Thought 

Having gained insights into various group coaching models, you're likely gravitating toward one tool that perfectly suits your launch.

EducateMe is designed to propel your success. Unlock the potential to not only craft a thriving coaching program but also access a comprehensive array of tools.

It has all the necessary features for product creation, establishing pipelines, and automating processes. Your vision and determination are the only ingredients needed for success.

Explore the possibilities and commence crafting your group coaching program with EducateMe free trial. Dive into features that foster community interaction, engagement, and a sense of excitement.

Begin your free 14-day trial with EducateMe today!

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