ducation is heading in the direction of cohort-based courses. Statistics already illustrate the cutback from self-paced courses and increased support for the educational value of cohort-based learning. As a result, the time is right for course creators to capitalize on the burgeoning cohort learning market. 

However, instructors just getting on board may struggle 😞 with ways to enhance existing courses or develop new ones. Looking at well-received courses in your field for inspiration when developing programs for cohorts is helpful. By designing your cohort-based courses, you can cut costs, boost profits, and focus on what matters most.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best cohort-based courses for igniting your imagination. Here are our top picks:

✅ Best courses for business owners:

1. Anyone can invest now by Andy Gupta

2. Ascend by Shivani Berry.

✅ Best creative live courses:

3. Super creative by Ben Issen.

4. Write of passage by David Perell.

✅ Best courses for marketers:

5. Branding 101 Gerry Randolph.

Hopefully, our analysis will shed light on how to structure and price your courses for maximum profit. However, if you're unfamiliar with the concept and want to get your feet wet, start by reading this article about cohort-based learning.

To begin this article, we'll define "what is a cohort-based course."

What Are Cohort-based Courses?

Cohort courses are live programs designed for a specific group of learners who share common interests and goals and come together to study. Cohort-based courses can be delivered online using digital tools, with students working together to complete the materials. On the other hand, instructors can foster a more engaging, collaborative learning environment by designing cohort-based courses.

Top Cohort-Based Courses to Get Instructors Started

Let's compare the best cohort courses to see why they're so successful. 😇

Anyone Can Invest Now by Andy Gupta

Anyone Can Invest Now by Andy Gupta

This course is designed for high-achieving individuals who may be experts in their field but know little about investing. Anyone who wants to increase their financial security and independence with minimal hassle and time investment should enroll in this program.

In it, Andy Gupta reveals his most expensive blunders, the secret tools he's developed, and the best way to build a DIY investment portfolio from scratch.


  • Pricing and subscription model: A one-time payment of $2,975 is required to gain access via the membership plan.
  • Number of students: Average class size is between seven and ten students.
  • Duration: Ten weeks is the typical timeframe.

What makes this cohort course successful? 

  • A clear description of the outcomes: Andy did a wonderful job explaining why you should take his spot.
  • Brief profile: A quick look at his profile tells you everything you need to know about the course. All the details are taken into account, from the available slots and best-suited participants to the course fee and lesson plans.
  • Different enrollment periods: Cohorts and enrollment windows are spread out so that students can join at any time of the year that is most practical for them.
  • Comprehensive syllabus: There are different areas of study for each period. This will allow you to organize your schedule in advance.
  • Testimonials from students: Andy's courses are clearly highly regarded by his students. It has been backed up by some written and video testimonials.
  • FAQ: Provides a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section devoted to addressing typical concerns raised by academics.
  • Mixed learning model: Offers both cohort and self-paced environments for students.

Ascend by Shivani Berry

Ascend by Shivani Berry

If businesswomen make up the bulk of your primary audience demographic, you can pick up a thing or two from Ascend's cohort-based classes. Ascend is an online leadership development course that equips women with the knowledge, strategies, and tools they need to make an impact at work and in their communities. In it, Shivani Berry explains how to build a personal brand, manage stakeholders, give constructive criticism, inspire teams, and more.


  • Pricing and subscription model: $3500 using a basic subscription model.
  • Number of students: Not specified.
  • Duration: 6 weeks

What makes this cohort course successful?

  • Community: Ascend is a community-oriented, practical, and accountability-inducing program.
  • Women support: Providing a safe space for women to meet and interact with others who share their interests, the course also boasts a variety of planned activities throughout the year.
  • Rich resources: The program's resources and guidance will help participants stay motivated and on track to complete their objectives.
  • All-inclusive: The course materials, learning interviews, and worksheets are all rolled into one convenient package.
  • Program format: The program consists of weekly one-hour video streaming, twice-weekly cohort sessions, and weekly exercises.
  • Testimonials: Several working professionals from various fields share their impressions of the course and its benefits.

Super Creative by Ben Issen

Want to create cohort based courses for freelance designers? You might find your groove in the world of Supercreative. A unique spin on the traditional cohort model, "Supercreative" is a course that focuses on encouraging and fostering creative thinking. The platform's courses are geared toward giving today's designers the flexibility to work from home using a variety of cutting-edge software. Because it's challenging to maintain both productivity and creativity in the same environment, designers can benefit from drawing on the instructors' knowledge to get them moving in the right direction and get their creative juices flowing.


  • Pricing and subscription model: On request
  • Number of students: Not specified.
  • Duration: Not specified

What makes this cohort course successful? 

  • Mix of art masterclass and productivity tasks: Monthly creative challenges bring together the seemingly opposite goals of being both creative and productive. The goal of these competitions is to encourage and support regular publication for writers and artists of all stripes. 
  • UI/Ux talents: Users with a knack for UI/UX design find a supportive and inspiring environment here. 
  • Integrations: Integrating project management, legal, and accounting solutions can help reduce the overhead of running a website or app design. 
  • A chess board of cool tools: It's like a chessboard, except instead of pieces, you use tools, and each day there are more and more of them to play with. 
  • Freelancing rates calculator: In addition to building cohort based courses, instructors can calculate their earnings using the calculator feature on the platform.
  • Trusted by 16,000 freelancers: Trusted by over sixteen thousand independent designers, Supercreative has quickly become a go-to platform for freelance design work. 
  • Vast library of resources: Numerous articles, videos, and other forms of media are available to aid in the creative live courses download. 
  • Four different solutions: Facilitates the development of courses; encourages the sharing of tasks; and offers both temporary and permanent income opportunities.

Write of Passage by David Perell

Write of Passage by David Perell

"Write of Passage" promotes itself as a "before and after transformation trip" for writers. It is possible to increase your influence as a writer and garner support from a broader audience by developing and offering writing courses. 


  • Pricing and subscription model: There are two subscription plans, each with its own set of costs and features. At $4000, the Essential Course's Accelerator is a one-time investment, while the Premium Course's Lifetime Access goes for $7000.
  • Number of students: Not specified.
  • Duration: 5 weeks.

What makes this cohort course successful? 

  • Modules: This intensive course has seven distinct units: ten individual assignments and four in-person writing workshops. 
  • Alumni support: Students not only benefit from David Perell's comprehensive teaching but also the counsel of successful alums in their chosen fields. 
  • Features: Program components such as one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, daily feedback, and writing workshops are integrated into the curriculum. 
  • Pricing flexibility: Creators can charge different amounts for courses based on essential or premium models. 
  • Money-back guarantee: Within the first 30 days after a course's completion, tutors can issue full refunds at their discretion. 
  • Testimonials: Student and alumni recommendations add considerable weight to the validity of the training program.

Branding 101 by Gerry Randolph

Branding 101 by Gerry Randolph

Do established brands emerge fully formed? 🤔 Or do they get made and improved upon systematically? In his marketing course, Gerry Randolph addresses this issue. The cohort course helps marketers and brands develop consistent, value-based brand strategies.


  • Pricing and subscription model: On request
  • Number of students: Not specified.
  • Duration: 6 weeks. 

What makes this course successful? 

  • Materials: Gerry brings it together for marketers and brands in one place by compiling best practices, examples, case studies, and a semester-long project. 
  • Learn from an industry leader: You'll have live classes and workshops with Spotify's Global Marketing Lead. 
  • Course syllabus: The program keeps you updated on the dates and times of each lesson 
  • Reviews: Reviews are a great way for students to benefit from the knowledge of others.

Key Takeaways for Creating Successful Cohort Courses

Here are the main points for instructors looking to make the most of their cohorts and stand out in their fields.🚀

  1. Collect feedback from students.
  2. Establish a system for organizing the available resources.
  3. Leverage community support.

Ready to Roll Out Your Academy and Welcome Your New Cohort?

Cohort-based learning, as we can see, is becoming more popular. By creating cohort-based courses for their students, instructors stand a better chance to increase brand awareness, revenue, and credibility. This article helps you figure out what you should factor in or leave out, and if you're all set to launch your course, here's how to get started with EducateMe. 

👉 1. Register for free on EducateMe. 

Try out the platform as an administrator, mentor, or student. 

👉 2. Begin building your course in stages.

Add your resources, team members, and lesson plans.

👉 3. Scale your academy

Launch your academy, invite students, and gather feedback to help you improve your programs and grow your team.

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September 22, 2022
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