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aniel Burrus, a renowned futurist and strategic advisor to Fortune 500 companies, has a special interest in education and believes that technology can empower educators to accelerate learning. Burrus recently keynoted the Future of Education Technology Conference in New Orleans, where he spoke about the potential disruptions and game-changing opportunities of technology hard trends. He also founded an education division of his company, Burrus Research, which has been delivering science assemblies to over 8,000 schools in the US since the early 1980s. Burrus, who began his career as a science teacher, was recently interviewed by EdTech Digest and shared his mission to help people become anticipatory rather than reactionary through his Hard Trend Methodologies. By using these methodologies, people can predict and pre-solve problems before they happen, shaping a positive future.


Harvard, MIT Launch Nonprofit for College Access

MIT and Harvard universities have launched a new non-profit organisation named Axim Collaborative to serve learners that higher education has historically left behind. With a budget of approximately $25 million to $30 million, officials plan to operate on a smaller scale with smaller grants and collaborations. Axim Collaborative will also manage Open edX, the open-source system that hosts edX courses and can be used by any institution with the tech know-how and the computer servers to run it. The non-profit aims to bring together existing players and colleges, and to bring in the expertise and research experience of professors at MIT and Harvard to catalyse innovation. The $800 million underpinning the effort derived from the controversial sale of their edX online learning platform to 2U, which some saw as a breach of trust.


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