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Eduflow Acquisition by Multiverse Sends Shockwaves: What's Next?

Uncover the industry-wide repercussions of Multiverse's acquisition of Eduflow in the cohort-based learning sector. Explore the changing dynamics, competitive landscape, and client expectations within the rapidly growing online education market.

Unequal COVID-19 Impact on Schools, Learning Recovery Remains Slow

Uncover the educational imbalances that emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic and delve into the ways gamification can enhance engagement for not only students but also educators in the learning process.

Daniel Burrus Speaks on Learning Future

Take a look at this article for insights from Daniel Burrus on the future of learning, as well as how Harvard and MIT launched a nonprofit for college access.

AI is Here and Evolving: Time to Acclimate to the New Normal

AI's growing influence on edtech prompts the need for ethical guidelines and collaboration, while initiatives like "Black Girls Code the Future" coloring book promote diversity and inclusion in STEM.‍

Concerns over the (Ab)use of Technology in Schools

With concerns surrounding the use of AI-based tools like ChatGPT by students for cheating, educators and technology experts set to develop AI detectors for academic dishonesty. Also, read about the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) conference.

Advocating Work-based Learning Opportunities for Students

Check out the growing importance of work-based learning opportunities and real-world experiences in education, highlighting programs and partnerships that help students gain relevant skills for the job market while bridging the gap between traditional education and career preparation.

Would We Still Talk About ChatGPT By 2024?

Many people have been curious about ChatGPT's capabilities and fascinated by its ability to engage in human-like conversations. However, the question on everyone's mind is whether it will continue to be relevant and talked about in the coming year.

Teachers Leaving Classroom Instruction for EdTech: A Guide to Making the Transition

So, if you're a teacher feeling burnt out and looking for a career change, why not consider making the transition to edtech? It could be the fresh start you need to save your mental health and reignite your passion for education.

Child Care Providers at Risk of Not Having Enough Savings to Retire, The Importance of Digitalization in 2023 and Beyond

Ready to prepare for the future of education? Learn how digitization can set your institution up for success.

Best Practices for Cybersecurity in K-12 Districts, EdTech Engagement: The Impact of Ergonomics and Environment

Learn the best practices, strategies, and tools to mitigate cybersecurity risks for K12. Click here to read it now and ensure your district's cybersecurity is up to par.

Google's Bard AI Rivals ChatGPT, More Students Using ChatGPT, but Cheating Triples

Google has just introduced Bard to take on ChatGPT as more and more scholars are turning to the latter for assistance and to cut corners.

K-12 Cybersecurity: Attacks on Schools Increased by 15%, Study Shows Flipped Learning Results May Not Live Up to Hype

A meta-analysis of flipped learning experiments discovered that the hype overstates its results. If done carefully, flipped learning has merits, and researchers offer a "fail, flip, fix and feed" model.

Climate Change's Cost to K-12 Education + Michael Hinojosa's TCEA 2023 Lessons

The latest government study disclosed that the cost of global warming in America hit a whopping $165 billion in the past year. But are there hidden costs lurking beneath the surface? Also, check out Michael Hinojosa's speech at the TCEA 2023.